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Christina writes, "I typed up the 2013 Primary Music outline using the 2013 Sharing Time Outline. I included the words to all the required songs by month and their themes, all songs that are listed as part of the sharing time suggestions, and if there was a teaching method for a song in the outline, I included that method. In some instances I also included ideas on reviewing the songs from the Friend magazine or previous sharing time outlines. I hope it will help other Ward and Stake Primary Music Leaders."

Comments (10)
  • Kirstine Keel Hales  - 2013 Music Plan

    I did the same thing last year and it really helped organize my entire year B) I didn't write the words of the song though ;)

  • Donna Medford

    Thank you so much. We are a very small branch and this has given me hope for 2013. I esp. like the thought that we don't leanr the songs for the program, we have the program because we learned the songs. (I think that's it) Anyway, thank you so much for sharing your talents. Donna

  • AnnB

    :) This is so great! Thank you for taking the time to put this all together

  • Sarah Hall  - Primary Chorister

    Thank you! I love that this is so spiritual and that I now have an outline for the whole year! Amazing! I'm so thankful to have this!

  • Dawn Lambert

    Thank you, I love the words printed out!! :)

  • Natalie Jacob

    Thank you! I'm a newly called chorister and was trying to find time to do exactly this when I found your post! You've saved me a lot of time and given some wonderful ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  • Lydia Nielson

    Thank you so much!!! I've struggled to come up with ideas for this year and this will help so much! It will also help when I have to have a sub while I'm out after baby, so Thanks!

  • Beth  - 2013 Music Plan

    Thank you! :) I'm a newly called chorister and was looking for something like this when I found your post! You've given me some wonderful ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  • Susan

    I really appreciate this outline and the way it was put together. It has been a great help having the song, the monthly theme, and especially a few ideas on how to present the songs to the children all in one spot. Thank you for your time and hard work. I HOPE you do this again next year! ;-)

  • Christina  - Happy and I know it

    SO glad many sisters were able to use this outline and found it helpful. I will do one for 2014 as soon as we have the information. Now on to those Primary Presentations for 2013 - a joyful noise for sure!

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