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Becky writes, ""Here is a lesson schedule for the Primary 5 lesson book. Hopefully this saves others some time!"


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  • Guest

    Thanks for doing this! I did the same thing the other day, and then I checked the sharing time outline to make sure i had the right books, and it is Primary 7 for next year for the Valiant classes. Didn't they do that book last year?

  • Guest

    Thank you so much

  • Guest

    The two stake conference Sundays were not included in the schedule. Those Sundays will need to be calendared once your particular stake's calendar is released.

  • Guest

    Curriculum for 2013
    General Curriculum
    Nursery: Behold Your Little Ones; Sunbeams: Primary 1; CTR 4–7: Primary 3; Valiant 8–11: Primary 5

    Basic Curriculum
    Sunbeams: Primary 1; CTR 4–7: Primary 3;
    Valiant 8–11: Primary 7

  • Guest

    I got Primary 5 for the Valiant Classes for 2013

  • Guest

    On March 31st the lesson should be the Easter lesson, not #13.

  • Kara

    I think General conference is the 31 so no lesson at all? And should we teach easter the week prior or not all?

  • Aimee

    There aren't Christmas and Easter lessons for Primary 5.

  • Desiree

    Although there is no lesson in Primary 5 for Christmas or Easter the manual does state that if you want to teach a specific lesson you can using the Book of Mormon and the New Testament as your references supported by pictures from the Gospel Art Picture Kit and issues of the Church magazines. Love Sugardoodle!!

  • Guest

    this year Valiant is doing 4. So is Valiant doing 5 or 7 for 2013?

  • Guest

    Thank you so much. That was very helpful in putting together lesson schedules for next year for my primary!

  • Guest

    What is the difference between the basic and general curriculum ? My president ordered both primary 5&7?

  • Guest

    Per the church website:

    Basic Sunday Curriculum is used where the Church has been recently organized in an area or where general Sunday curriculum materials are not yet available in a language. With approval from the Presidency of the Seventy or the Area Presidency, stake presidents may determine to use the basic Sunday curriculum in more established areas and languages when it would serve members better than the general Sunday curriculum.

    If you fall in the above, use the basic curriculum. Otherwise, use the general curriculum. Very simple.

  • Guest

    Thanks! Saved us lots of time. Does anyone have a Primary 3 completed?

  • Guest

    On it says that Primary 5 is to be used for the Valiant 8-11 unless you are in an area that it is not available, then primary 7 should be used again.

  • Annie Rice

    I use so much on Sugardoodle and don't always make comments. I just want you to know that I appreciate this soooo much. I recognize the work that you have done in compiling this for other leaders. A little Primary in Montana thanks you!

  • Jackie

    You are awesome! Thanks for sharing and for the great time-saver!!

  • melissa  - Thanks

    This was very helpful THANKS :cheer:

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