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OBJECTIVE: Think about your relationship with your Father in Heaven. When have you felt closest to Him? What
were you doing that allowed you to feel closer to Him?  How do the young women in your class feel
about themselves?  How can having a strong relationship with Heavenly Father strengthen their sense of
self-worth? How can you help the young women strengthen this relationship?


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The Grandeur of God by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland - In word and in deed Jesus was trying to reveal and make personal to us the true nature of His Father, our Father in Heaven.
To Young Women by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland
Knowing God by Elder Bernard P. Brockbank


Autumn Bennett
Coming to know God
Heavenly Father loves us by Valarie Larkin
Holy Handouts 
House and Home
Little LDS Ideas
The Idea Door
Just another day in paradise
Teaching in Young Women's


God the Father - Handouts, Lesson Helps and more from Manual 3, Lesson 1
LDS Handouts
My Little Beehives
Red Headed Hostess
Teaching about God the Father
The Things I Love


My Heavenly Father Loves Me (pg. 228)


"Heavenly Father and family are inseparably connected. When we understand the many dimensions of this connection, we can begin to comprehend more completely how personal and individual are Heavenly Father’s love for and relationship to each of us. Understanding how He feels about us gives us the power to love Him more purely and fully. Personally feeling the reality, love, and power of that relationship is the source of the deepest and sweetest emotions and desires that can come to a man or woman in mortality. These deep emotions of love can motivate us and give us power in times of difficulty and trial to draw closer to our Father."  - Quentin L. Cook, February 2012 Ensign.


Godhead - He Knows Me.  Two siblings in Ghana share what they’ve done to come closer to their Heavenly Father.
Heavenly Father Knows Me
I Know by Jenny Phillips

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