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  • Guest

    Do you know which Manual will be used for Lessons in 2013?

  • Larissa  - Manuals

    The lesson manuals for 2013 are on the website but for nursery and sunbeams they stay the same, Junior primary (CTR 4-7) it's the Primary 3 manual and for Senior primary (VAL 8-11) it's the Primary 5 manual. Hope that helps!

  • Sanna Cain  - Manuels

    Class Manual Year
    Nursery Behold Your Little Ones Every Year
    Sunbeams I Am A Child of God Every Year
    CTR 4-7Choose the Right A (Primary 2)Even Years
    Choose the Right B (Primary 3)Odd Years
    Valiant 8-11
    Old Testament (Primary 6) 2010
    New Testament (Primary 7) 2011
    Book of Mormon (Primary 4) 2012
    D&C/Church History (Primary 5) 2013

    CTR has 2 manuals that alternate each year.
    Valiant manuals go through 4 year cycles.

    I hope that helps

  • loree  - need help for activities..

    I just called as a new scout leader for primary, as a new leader i don't know where to start and what to start?i just need some ideas and advice to fullfill my calling.. :confused: :(

  • CheRee Tanner  - Not to worry - it really is a fun calling

    I served for 9 years as the Cubmaster and it is still my favorite calling.

    1. Talk to the outgoing leader. They may have books and ideas they are willing to share with you. They can give you the current progress each boy has made towards his rank and other awards.
    2. go to the BSA offices/store and look around at what is available to you
    3. purchase the 2013 outline (and a book for Cheer Ideas if you are a cubmaster) and a manual for the group you are working with i.e. Bear, Wolf, Webelos,
    4. Read the outline booklet (it will tell you what the theme is for the month and give you suggestions for activities that coordinate with the theme and then read through the manual and notice the requirements they must meet for each goal
    5. Attend monthly District meetings --- they should show you some actual ideas for activities/crafts for the upcoming month (I found this meeting to be critical for me in the beginning as I was learning the ins & outs of scouting.
    6. RELAX and h...

  • Kristen

    Go to leader specific training!!! And always go to round table. I don't know where you are, but those two scout meetings saved me in cub scouts!

  • Diane Graham  - Scouts

    Go to it covers all the Achievements and more.

  • Darlene  - re: need help for activities..
    loree wrote:
    I just called as a new scout leader for primary, as a new leader i don't know where to start and what to start?i just need some ideas and advice to fullfill my calling.. :confused: :(

    Create an account at and sign in and get the training you need: Youth Protection, Fast Start for den leaders (if that is your calling), This Is Scouting, and Position-Specific training. There are den meeting outlines and plans here: Leaders/DenLeaderResources/ DenandPackMeetingResourceGuide.aspx I hope I got the link right, but if not, search for the Den and Pack Meeting Resource Guide. Good luck. Scouting is great!

  • Dior

    I am new in primary and on this page, so, I wonder if it is to soon to look for ideas for 2013 sharing time lessons.... :confused:

  • Pat Tolson

    I could sure use some help with Sharing Time ideas for 2013.

  • Becky  - Primary Secretary

    I just was called as our Primary Secretary. Anyone else out there have great ideas? Blogs or Pinterest links for me to use? Thank you!

  • tanya cummins

    Google Baloo's Bugle. It's a fantastic help, especially for Pack meeting help.

  • Kristen  - 2013 Primary Program

    I havent seen any 2013 Primary program scripts! Are there any out there yet?? I need ideas :)

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