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Description of Inside Program Cover:

1 - List all announcements in this section.
2 - You can highlight a favorite quote by a church leader from conference or from the Ensign.  You can omit this section and give more space for announcements.
3 & 4 - List reading assignments.
5 - Program information.
6 - List the month and year
7 - Add the calendar information for the next two weeks from all organizations.

* FYI: All of these files were created in Microsoft Word.  In order to view and edit the files, you must have this program on your computer.

CLICK HERE for Program Cover / Outside (Version 1)
CLICK HERE for Program Cover / Outside (Version 2)

CLICK HERE for Program Cover / Inside

Comments (5)
  • GEMofIdaho

    canadcole is right, it is "Hymn number." And we don't have rest hymns. It is the Intermediate Hymn.

  • canadacole

    Teeny quibble...they are hymn numbers, not page numbers. It's my little pet peeve. Thank you for this resource!

  • Tina  - Sacrament Meeting Program Template

    This is fabulous. It is neat and clean and has enough room for all of the information. Wish I would have found this sooner.


  • aubrey  - thank you so much

    thanks so much for this template. it's perfect! i use it in the student wards at byu-hawaii.

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