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Kristi writes, "We just did this activity a couple of weeks ago and it was great, so I wanted to pass this along!  For this Quarterly Relief Society Meeting, we used this Johnny Lingo "cow" theme and used hawaiian decor.  We offered 5 classes and allowed the sisters to pick the 3 that best interested them.  They were:

"Cash Cow" - Financial advisor taught about saving and investing and budgeting your money.

"Mad Cow" -  Don't go mad in your home! Learn organizational tips to keep you stress free!  (The sister talked about cleaning and organizational tips for your home and kids, and organized your schedules!)

"Holy Cow" - Scripture Study - Learn tips on how to mark and study your scriptures.

"Say Moo" - Digitial Photography - Learn HOW to use your DSLR camera.  Sister talked about f-stops, aperture, and lighting.

"Udder-ly Delicious" - Class on bread making. We did how to make rolls and then turn it into cinnamon rolls.

We advertised for this for 4 weeks with sign up sheets for the different classes.  This would help us know how many sisters the teachers should expect. As the sisters arrived, they were greeted by a couple of committee members who gave them a lei and a name tag.  I brought in one of those outside umbrellas and stood it up in the foyer. We hung ALOHA sign from it with leis swagged around it. The table with the leis and nametags was under this. They were also given a "the worth of an 8 cow woman BINGO card" as a mixer game to get them to mingle.  On the bingo card were things like, find a sister who "has the same birth month as you" or "who has done their Visiting Teaching this month", "who likes camping", etc.  The first five ladies to get a black out on their card received a prize - which was a hershey bar with a wrapper around it that said "Honorable 8 Cow Woman!"   The meeting started at 6pm and allowed the first 15 minutes for the game.  Then we served Hawaiian Haystacks, buffet style, with rolls.   During dinner, we also showed the older version of the Johnny lingo movie (about 22 minutes) and gave a quick 2 minute message at the end about self worth.  We had a class schedule up front with each class being offered twice so they would know where to go.  After the classes were over, everyone gathered back into the gym for RS birthday cake and closing prayer!  We also had a packet called "Cow Tippin - Inexpensive Date Ideas and Family Acitivities in St. Louis" to hand out if they wanted one.

We had pineapples as our centerpieces of each table sprinkled with flower petals around them.  The pineapples were given out to our teachers at the end of the night as a thank you.  We added grass skirts and leis around the food tables inside the gym and put the little umbrellas in each cup. I ordered habiscus flower hair clips from oriental trading for all of us committee members to wear!

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