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Jeanine writes, "It seems that Primary Presidencies never quite know what to do with 11 yr old scouts. The leaders and boys report to Primary, but the program itself is actually Boy Scouts. This group often gets lost between the two. Here is a tracking form that will allow presidencies to communicate with 11 yr old leaders what is expected during a boy's 11th year. They need to achieve the ranks of Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class by the time they turn 12. Much is completed at camp, so it would be helpful to communicate well with the Stake Primary Presidency to learn when camp is scheduled and what is on the agenda for the boys to complete. (It's important to remember that the boys need to complete a new BSA Youth Application to move them into the Ward's B.S. Troop when they turn 11 as well.)"

Comments (6)
  • Jordan H Johnson

    THANK YOU! I'm am brand new as primary president in a city ward trying to get our scout program up and running. This has helped me SO much!

  • Von  - eleven-year-old scouts

    I need help scheduling our eleven-year-old scout program. Since the boys join the patrol as they turn 11, how do I repeat activities for them to advance without too much repetition for the older ones?

  • s. baker

    For our cub scout pack we have a set schedule that repeats every year. No matter when a boy comes in he will get everything he needs for that rank. As a new counselor in primary I plan to have the 11 yr scout have one as well.

  • Shannon

    I am interested to see what a set schedule looks like for cub scouts. I think we are generally doing that, but if you don't mind sharing, can you pass that on to me? Thank you!

  • Kent Hansen  - 11 year old Leader Resources

    If you are looking for great 11 Year Old (EYO) resources including quickstart guides, activity planners to get to First Class, pre-opening activities and handouts to share to new Boy Scouts and their parents, then check out a great EYO page here:

    If you have questions, please feel free to contact me.


  • Whitney Sims

    Thanks Kent! That is a wonderful resource!

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