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"Our Primary president was concerned that our children aren’t receiving enough encouragement to work on their Faith in God requirements, so we came up with a plan.  We will give them a Family Home Evening Packet or assignment for each month (which has the added benefit of encouraging families to hold FHE too!)

Here are cards we attached to each month’s packets.  I simply went online to LDS Living and printed off an FHE packet for each month.  Once a month, mom’s and dad's will have a little help with FHE!  (Other sites to visit: A year of FHE or Confessions of a Slacker Mom."  

Comments (7)
  • Sarah @ Slacker Mom

    Thanks for sharing my FHE Made Easy lesson plans. I love this idea of having the activity girls help out with the lessons!!

  • Cheryl Flude

    This is a great idea. Within our primary we are going to use this idea but rather than produce all the work for the kids, on Fast Sundays we split our primary into Faith in God and the younger groups. On Fast Sunday I am going to go through the lesson with them and produce a pack of pictures in order to give them a start.
    Hope that this makes sense

  • Che

    This is just what I need! This is perfect. Now I have a great way to encourage my valiant to do better on their Faith in God. Thank you very much;)

  • Juanita Payne

    This is a wonderful aid to teaching children so they can retain and understand the lessions being taught.
    Thank you so much...


  • Juanita Payne

    A very good addition to teaching lessions so the children can understand them better.

  • Sky Wroe

    I love this thank you for the great idea!!

  • Lindsay

    This is a long shot but do you have this is any other languages? We have a lot of people that speak Spanish and Korean in our ward. It's very diverse. Thanks.

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