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Rhonda writes, "Here's a file with the 2012 Primary Theme, monthly themes, songs and scriptures as well as the weekly principles."

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  • C. Rogers

    Does anyone else think it odd that they chose "Stand For the Right" two years in a row?

  • C. Allen

    The theme for 2011 is "I Know the Scriptures are True"

  • Janell

    I believe taht the 2012 theme is acutally "Choose the Right"

  • Rayanna P.

    she is referring to singing the song "stand for the right" which we learned in 2011 and it is the march song for 2012.

  • J. Rogers

    Yes, Stand for the Right two years in a row -- well, at least they already know it:) We had a special arrangement made for it this year, perhaps next year I'll teach the senior primary the alto part instead of having a two-person duet. We did "Nephi's courage" in 2010 so we've got that one ready. And "When I Am Baptized" this year -- so I guess we'll have lots of time to introduce some other songs.

  • Vicky Hilton

    You can pick different songs, it is up to your presidency and the spirit. You do not have to neccessarily do those ones. I am Valiant, Choose the Right Way, Dare to Do Right,I'll Walk With you are some other great ones. We did Nephi's Courage in 2011 also. We are doing I'll Walk with you for April. Because it talks about how the Savior treats others. And I am somehow going to add in these others by doubling up on the ones we already know. And we might do the "One in a million" song too sometime this year.

  • Cdsommers

    Only Godv & His Servants really know,,, Repitition is the law of learning?!?!? ;-)

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