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by Colette Bomsta of "My Computer is my Canvas" / ga09222011

CLICK HERE to open this file (pdf)

CLICK HERE to open zip file that contains all the images individually.

Number of pages in file - 8

Colette writes, "I designed an 8x10 image for each Personal Progress Value to use as either art or centerpieces for lessons and activities."

Comments (10)
  • Tressy Brown

    Totally LOVE LOVE LOVE these! Thanks for sharing!;)

  • Kelley Dodge

    Boy you have saved me tons and tons of work! Bless you a million times. Thanks so much they are wonderful.

  • Sandy Folkman

    These are amazing! I am thrilled to have found them! Thank you for sharing your talents with us!

  • kellie smith

    Thank so much for sharing!

  • kellie smith

    Thank you! :)

  • Lenex

    Thanks for sharing!!!! I love it very so much!!!!

  • Guest

    I absolutely love these!!! I am the YW President in a ward in Norway, and just wondering if there is a way to change the text into norwegian?

  • Guest

    Here a few sites that can help:

    •Babelfish by AltaVista. Excellent site that gives you lots of language translation options.
    •Google Translator. Good, basic language translation with Google's technology behind it.
    •Langenberg Language Translation. Translate text in a variety of languages.
    • Good language translation tool that allows you to type in whole blocks of text.
    •Machine Translation Engine. Translate in languages as diverse as Afrikaans and Welsh.
    •Translation Wizard. Excellent site with a variety of languages available.
    •AjaxTrans: Just start typing and your words will instantly be translated from and into a variety of different languages.
    •POPjisyo: "OPjisyo is a web based pop-up dictionary for Japanese, Chinese, Korean and other languages."
    •Binary Translator: Converts text to binary and vice-versa.
    •The English-to-12-Year-Old-AOLer Translator: " This translator will take what you write in i...

  • Guest

    I can get the Norwegian translation, but I don't seem to be able to edit your version to replace the English text with Norwegian. Is that possible? Thanks

  • Libby

    These are absolutely beautiful! We are using them in our New Beginnings. Thank you so much for doing these!

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