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ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING (discussing consequences): Prepare several case studies (see TNGC, 161-62) in which children are faced with a choice to be honest or dishonest.  For example, "You hit your brother, and your mother asks why he's crying."  Ask, "What would the consequences be of being honest?"  Then ask, "What would the consequences be of being dishonest?"  Help the children discover that immediate consequences of honesty might be difficult but long-term consequences lead to peace and happiness.

ENCOURAGE APPLICATION (creating a rhyme): Invite each class (with the help of their teachers) to create a one-line phrase or a rhyme about honesty.  For example, "If the truth is what I tell, I will never, never fail!"  Invite each class to share their phrase with the other children.  Encourage them to repeat the phrase whenever they are tempted to be dishonest.

IF YOU'D LIKE TO ADD YOUR IDEAS FOR THIS WEEK'S SHARING TIME, use the comment section below and add your thoughts.  If your comments are too long, have trouble posting your comments or you have files you'd like to share, please e-mail them to me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and I'll post them below:

- Pergler's Primary Place

- Sofia's Primary Ideas

- Sharing Time Idea by Jill Revelli

- Building a Banana Split by Sarah Grindstaff

- It's time for sharing

- Cortney writes, "I know this is a little late notice, but I just put together a Pioneer Day / honesty sharing time. Maybe there is someone out there even more of a procrastinator than me that could use this.   I used four pioneer stories and turned them into case studies where the children decide what the consequences would be for being honest and dishonest.  I put them on flame-shaped paper and made a fake fire (see picture below).  On Sunday, I'm thinking of sitting on the floor around the campfire and having children choose a flame and then talk about the consequences of being honest.  I am also trying to get some pioneer candy for them to snack on. [pdf] [Word]."  (Idea shared by Cortney Bowler / ga07212012)

- Tiffany Catledge writes, "I put together a little story to go along with someone else's "Tangled Web" idea for sharing time Week #4 Honesty. I am going to bring Yarn to wrap around the room as I tell the tangled story the little boy got himself into."

John was a good little boy.  But one day, after his mother had spent the afternoon baking cookies for the school fair that day, he did something naughty.   Mother had 2 dozen chocolate chip cookies sitting on the counter waiting to take them to the school. John was so hungry and he didn’t think his mom would notice if he just took one cookie. And so he did. It was so delicious that he snuck one more. And before he knew it he had eaten all 24 cookies!  What was he going to do?  He most certainly could NOT tell mother that he had eaten them all!  So he came up with a plan.  There were still some crumbs on the plate so he spilled them around the floor and put the empty plate on the ground. 

He then let the family dog, Buster, in the house. Just then his mother walked in. She looked at John, looked at Buster, looked at the empty cookie plate on the ground. And before she could say a word John said, “Mom, Buster ate all the cookies!”  Mom went crazy!   She pushed Buster out the door scolding him as she locked him outside.  She then said, “Who let Buster In?” 

Not sure what to say John said, Megan! Referring to his older sister. Mom stomped out of the kitchen and up to Megan’s room. John followed.  When Mom found Megan she told her how angry she was that Megan had let the dog in and that he had eaten all the cookies and that Megan was grounded and could not go to the School Fair. 

All of a sudden John’s stomach began to hurt. His mother looked at him and asked if he was all right  He didn’t want her to think he was sick and not let him go to the fair, so he said that his brother Scott had punched him in the stomach earlier and his stomach was aching.   Mother went immediately to find scott, scolded him and grounded him from the fair.  John couldn’t believe that he had gotten everyone in so much trouble!  And just because he had been greedy and eaten all the cookies! He should of told the truth an then Buster wouldn’t be in trouble, Megan wouldn’t be in trouble and Scott wouldn’t be in trouble!  How could he go to the fair knowing that no one else could go and it was his fault for lying?  He knew it was time to be honest.  So he went to his piggy bank and took out the $10 he had been saving for special lego.  He told his mom he had to run to the corner bakery.  He got on his bike and road as fast as he could.  There he bought two dozen of their best chocolate chip cookies.

When he got home he called his mom, Buster, Megan and Scott into the room.  And he told them the whole story.  How each lie got worse and worse and worse.   They were all very upset and hurt by what he had done.  But for John, it felt so much better to just tell the truth. 

John had told the truth, asked his family to forgive him and tried to make it right by replacing the cookies.  He knew he had to do one more thing. He said, “Mom, what I did was very wrong and I know that if I had just been honest things would have been much better. But since I did not tell the truth I know that I can not got to the school fair today."  And his mom said, “You're right.  You are staying home.  But you did the right thing in finally telling the truth.”

Comments (27)
  • linj2fly

    Since pioneer day is coming up, I thought it'd be nice to share examples of pioneers telling the truth no matter the consequences. The first one that comes to mind is Joseph F. Smith's encounter with the ruffians who were determined to kill mormons. A telling of it is in the friend here: mormon-boy?lang=eng& query=yes+siree~+dyed+wool,+true+blue,+through+thr ough

    As well as a sharing time... honest-and-truthful-at-all-times?lang=eng& query=yes+siree~+dyed+wool,+true+blue,+through+thr ough

    For other pioneer/honesty stories, just type in 'pioneer honesty' in the search line at and then select magazine and the friend at the left to narrow your results.

  • Kgarner

    I was going to do the same thing with pioneers. Here are a few more stories:
    Stolen Apples 8) g/friend/1996/10/honesty-and-the-apples?lang=eng
    Buffalo Meat a-prophets-voice-honesty-a-moral-compass?lang=eng
    Joesph Smith lang=eng#20

  • CamilleS

    I am using all the stories already listed along with this one: jacob-hamblin-trustworthy-pioneer?lang=eng& query=pioneer+honesty (Jacob Hamblin)

    In our primary, for pioneer sunday, we decorate the room, let the kids sit on quilts on the floor and have "pioneers" come in and tell the stories. It's more of a program than a sharing time. We also let them make butter and sing a lot of pioneer songs.

  • Erin Barnes

    Since there is a 5th Sunday, we are just doing a Pioneer Sharing time on the 4th Sunday, and Honesty on the 5th Sunday. Thanks for all the ideas!

  • Sarah Sherman

    Because Sunday July 15th is National Ice Cream Day, we actually are doing the 4th Sunday Lesson. I made a Banana Split with some colored construction paper and for each piece of the banana split we are doing a different scenario. As we discuss the right choice and the consequences, we will build our Banana Split. When we have discussed all the scenarios and the split is completed we will discuss how being honest is will always bring the best rewards and we will bring out ice cream for all the children.

  • linj2fly

    thanks for all the stories, sisters! CamilleS--I like your idea about sitting on quilts and having pioneers come. I'm gonna have to see what I can pull off :-)

  • Dana Gibb

    Just wondering if anyone came across any stories of pioneer women honesty experiences? I have some pioneer costumes for women and would love to have members of the ward come dressed up recounting a story, just having a hard time finding any.

  • Kathryn Demke

    I am going to do a short play for Pioneer day based on a story from the Friend July 2012, Saving the Wheat, by Marianne Dahl Johnson, Based on a true story. If anyone wants it they can email. I don't have a blog or anywhere to post it. It only has 4 parts and the kids could even read it, but I am going to do one practice this week.

  • C.Bradley

    I opted to do the 4th week S.T. lesson on the 5th Sunday---and trying to find a game or something on Pioneers for this week. Any others doing the same? Have any ideas?? :)

  • Krystal M

    I am not sure what opening I am going to do yet, but I am going to do the case studies like in the book, but with two different "children" that make the wrong/right choice. In front of these kids will be a tower of Jenga where the primary kids will remove a stick every time this pretend child doesn't tell the truth, and a lego block for when the other child tells the truth.
    I am going to relate the towers to their testimonies; when we tell the truth, it builds up our testimonies, when we are dishonest, it weakens our testimonies.

  • Alene Cutler

    Could you send me a copy of the "Saving the Wheat" play you are doing? Sounds like a great idea!


    I am going to do a short play for Pioneer day based on a story from the Friend July 2012, Saving the Wheat, by Marianne Dahl Johnson, Based on a true story. If anyone wants it they can email. I don't have a blog or anywhere to post it. It only has 4 parts and the kids could even read it, but I am going to do one practice this week.
  • Ali11 2001/thefriend_2001-11.pdf

  • alright

    thats good

  • Beth Jamison

    Thank you so much Cortney!! I was asked to teach Sharing Time just this morning. I have one day to prepare and I love your idea :)

  • LisaCrock

    I just got back from vacation and have to have a sharing time whipped up for tomorrow. Our kids will love the campfire -- this will be so fun, and I LOVE the stories. Thanks SOOOO much!

  • sarah brasher

    Thank you Courtney! Just started preparing now :lol:

  • Allison S.

    I know this is really late, but insiration and desperation can work hand in hand. I'm going to take a large map of the US and have a piece of yarn from Nauvoo to Salt Lake. I have 7 honesty questions that also follow the trail, Nauvoo, Winter Quarters, Chimney Rock, Fort Laramie, Independance Rock Continental divide and Echo Canyon. The questions are things like "you've made it to winter Quarters. You're mom wants you to help set up camp, but you want to go play. You think about going anyway and just tell your mom later that you didn't hear her. What do you do?" For each honest answer, we move to the next stop on the trail until we've reached the valley-o. I'll finish by reading 3 pioneer stories from the Friend that were posted earler by linj2fly and kgarner. Hope this helps!

  • Leslie M

    Krystal, thank you for your great idea about towers & testimonies! I think I will do something along those same lines. Because our primary is small, I am going to have each class "build a tent" with its door toward the temple (a picture on an easel up front). Thanks for your input!

  • kev

    cool idea, love the campfire

  • LisaWolfSmith

    Yay for fellow procrastinators!!! Thanks Cortney!

  • Ginger J

    Thank you SO much for all the pioneer stories and ideas. It made it really easy for me to get this put together last minute.

  • Kirsty

    In Sharing time today for our Senior Primary we did a scripture find. We shared a story from the friend about being honest. Then handed out a list of jumbled scriptures and 1 line sentences all relating to being honest. At the bottom of the sheet in tiny writing were some answers. What the children didn't know was those answers were wrong, so we pretended that we tried to hide the answers by striking a line through them. We then said that only the first three to complete with the correct answers would win a prize. As it turned out the temptation to cheat was too much for some of our primary who finished in record time. When the answers were read out and they did not match those that had come first, we then revealed that the answers on the bottom were all wrong and the prizes were given only to those who had done the task as asked. In closing we explained we are always tempted to be dishonest, and being dishonest may look easier but there is no reward in it.

  • Suzanne Bates

    I'm using the quote: What a tangled web we weave when we first practice to deceive (Sir Walter Scott), and we'll talk about a little boy and a little girl who get tangled up in their lies. Then we'll talk about how good it feels to tell the truth!

  • lisa nebeker

    Suzann, what stroy are you using about the little boy and girl that got tangled up in their lies.

  • Red Wurm you have a copy of the "test" you gave the Sr. Primary kids?

  • Red Wurm

    Do you have a copy that can be emailed of the "test you gave the Sr. Primary kids?

  • Dani
    Do you have a copy that can be emailed of the "test you gave the Sr. Primary kids?

    I made my own little test, not sure if this is the way Kristy did hers...I used these scriptures (Doctrine and Covenants 124:15; Exodus 20:16;Psalms 12:22; Moses 4:4; and the first half of 2 Nephi 28:8 to there is no harm in this) Put them on a half sheet of paper and made them a fill in the blank. At the bottom in SUPER small font I put an answer key. Hope this helps!

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