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JULY BULLETS: I choose the right by living gospel principles.

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Week 1: Fasting and prayer can strengthen my testimony.

Week 2: Being kind is doing and saying nice things to others.

Week 3: Reverence is deep respect and love toward God.

Week 4: Honesty is telling the truth regardless of the consequences.

 Week 5: What are your plans for Week 5?

"Wherefore, let us be faithful in keeping the commandments of the Lord." (1 Nephi 3:16)

 Song: "The Wise Man and the Foolish Man" (CS, 281) or a song of your choice from the Children's Songbook.

Comments (14)
  • Kelly Smith

    Has any other music leader chosen a different song for this month? I do not mind using this song, but our primary children sing it as a "fun" song. Any suggestions? Thanks

  • Kelly Smith

    Hello again. I chose to do 4 songs to replace the one listed for July. We needed more music to fill out the program, so I chose a song for each bullet point. We are singin 1) I Pray in Faith (CS 14), 2) Kindness Begins With Me (CS 145b), 3) Reverence Is Love (CS 31) and 4) I Believe In Being Honest (149). Hope this helps other music leaders who wanted to do something different for July.

  • Lindsay C.

    Since this is such an easy song we won't need to review it and take as much time with we are using this time to review the others but mainly to take a break and let the kids have fun with pioneer songs since this is the Pioneer day month! :D

  • Celeste Sessions

    Our Primary will add a song for July also. I asked our Primary Music Leader to ponder over songs & suggest one. As a result, we are learning "Every Star Is Different" on page 142. The words go along very well with the monthly & yearly theme. It looks like a very uplifting song as well to build a child's personal confidence.

  • Dianna Bowles

    Help! i have the bulletin board for this month. need some ideas on what to display on it

  • Kathy Collin

    We are singing "Reverence is Love" since it is spoken about during Sharing Time this month. Our kids already know it too, but, I thought it would add a special touch and it will serve as a reminder to the adults what reverence is.

  • Victoria Taylor

    We are singing "I Want to Live the Gospel" instead. Also, on 5th Sunday ST, we are doing the 4th Sunday ideas. On 4th Sunday we are doing a special Pioneer ST/Singing time with games, stories, etc. from The Friend.

  • Galad

    Victoria, which issue of the Friend are you using for your pioneer day sharing time?

  • Galad

    Victoria, which issue of the Friend are you using for the pioneer sharing time?

  • AimBoh

    Yes, Victoria, Do tell.......which friend magazine are you using. We are doing the same thing and I am looking for additional ideas and stories.

  • Jannalee

    There is a great song from this website that is called "When I do Right I Feel Good." We've taught this to our primary this month, and the kids love it. Very catchy tune!

  • Mishi

    Our Sr Primary is memorizing the 13th article of faith this month, so I'm going to point out that being Honest is the 1st principle mentioned. Then I am going to talk about the choice & consequences stick we learned about in January and have the children act out the story of Daniel & the Lions Den and also Abinadi. Both are examples of telling the truth, though with different physical consequences, but we will also talk about the intangible consequences of telling the truth because the immediate consequence is not always what we want. And we will talk about how telling the truth brings us closer to God (and use the train/switch analogy of Pres Hinckley - mentioned in a different person's post)

  • Amy Ahlander

    Did anyone ever get information about the Pioneer Sharing time that Victoria mentioned? Was it a special Friend issue, or just lots of ideas from different Friend magazines? We are doing this for the 5th Sunday this week, so I'm still looking for ideas. Thanks.

  • Margo Tackett

    This month our Primary learned (or re-learned) "If the Savior Stood Beside Me". It is such a great song. During the program, we will have each child hold up a small picture of the Savior while they sing.

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