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ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING (discussing prayer): Show the children a telephone or another form of communication.  Discuss how it is used.  Ask the children how we can communicate with Heavenly Father. Explain that just as we dial a number to talk to someone on the phone, we can pray to communicate with Heavenly Father; we can ask Him for strength to do what is right.  Give each class a picture of a different kind of prayer (for example, personal prayer, family prayer, blessing on the food, or class prayer).  Ask each class to show their picture to the other children and tell them what type of prayer is shown and when, where, and why this type of prayer is said.

ENCOURAGE APPLICATION (playing a game): Punch a small hole in the end of two empty aluminum cans, and connect the cans with a string.  Pull the string tight, and let the children take turns quietly saying into one can something they could pray to Heavenly Father for as they try to do what is right (for example, to tell the truth, to be reverent, or to be kind).  Let another child listen in the other can.  Share (or ask a child to share) an experience when Heavenly Father has given you strength to do what is right.  Testify that Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers and will give us strength to do what is right.

IF YOU'D LIKE TO ADD YOUR IDEAS FOR THIS WEEK'S SHARING TIME, use the comment section below and add your thoughts.  If your comments are too long, have trouble posting your comments or you have files you'd like to share, please e-mail them to me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it '; document.write( '' ); document.write( addy_text18547 ); document.write( '<\/a>' ); //--> This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and I'll post them below:

Pergler's Primary Place

Comments (16)
  • Jenny Compton

    Images from Friend of different kinds of prayer that go along with suggested outline

  • Darcee Pergler

    If you are looking for the "Prayer with Pretzels" sharing time, here is a link prayer-with-pretzel-sharing-time.html

  • teebee3

    I LOVE the pretzel game!! But I'm a little confused about how it's supposed to be played. How do you know how many spaces to move? What are the blank spaces for?? Somebody help!!!

  • Kim Martin

    I think I will ask a member of the bishopic to dress up and portray Nephi. I will have him tell his story of receiving help from Heavenly Father.

  • Jennifer Mosher

    Here's a super fun board game about prayer (we all know Primary kids enjoy games). It has to do with pretzels too (you can make a cute baggy of pretzels for each kid and attached a "Prayer Pretzel" tag: %20Prayer%20with%20pretzels.pdf :lol:

  • Brittany Olsen

    Here are some great object lessons on prayer.... 1106/lds_object_lesson

  • Brittany Olsen

    I also really liked this object lesson. I think it would really capture the children's attention! lessons/

  • tiffany merrick


    I tried to open your link for the pretzel game,and was unable too? Thanks

  • Nikki Devey

    To help the children remember to pray at home, each child is going to color "My Personal Prayer Place," simply a paper with two ovals on it with the title at the top. They can place it beside their bed and kneel on it to pray.

  • Allyson Williams

    Go to the pergler's primary place link above. It has a great idea for this lesson.

  • Lisa Fredericks

    I can't get my can to work. What am I doing wrong?

  • Neva Telford

    We are also going to give each child a prayer rock, gathered them by the road, sprayed them white and for younger kids wrote PRAYER on the rock, for the older kids we will let them write Prayer and all children will get to color or decorate their rocks.

    Rock will have a little saying that came from one of the activity books and is also here on Sugar Doodle:

    If you get quickly in your bed
    and feel this rock hit your head
    Kneel down and fold your arms to pray,
    and thank Heavenly Father for your day.
    Ask him for help in all you do
    and know He has great love for you!

  • Rachel

    I am going to begin by showing my smart phone and talking about how it can be used for info, entertainment, communication etc, but there are some things it can't help me do. When I have an important decision or problem, I go to the Lord in prayer.

    Next I will read Drive Through Decision (Friend, May '12, p. 16), and emphasize how the little boy prayed for help to make the right decision about eating out on Sun. (This story is perfect for the topic!)

    Finally I have made some little scenarios for each class to read and discuss about a situation where prayer can help in choosing the right. (For instance "You saved money from selling lemonade and cookies to buy a toy, but then realize you forgot to pay tithing. If you pay your tithing you will have to wait to get the toy you really want. How can prayer help you ctr in this situation?" I customized these for each class to address some specific situations that I am aware of.

  • Darcee Pergler

    Regarding the pretzel game- I rolled a die labeled move 1,2,3, move to the next pretzel, move to the next pretzel, 2, and moved the marker accordingly. If we landed or passed a pretzel, we answered a question and collected appropriate pretzels. There is a blank game board in case people wanted to create their own game. Sorry for the confusion!

  • Amy Denton

    to make the can telephone work, you need to pull the string tight. I used a wire instead of a string and it works fine.

  • rhana

    Thanks Jenny that's exactly what I was looking for.

    Images from Friend of different kinds of prayer that go along with suggested outline
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