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Week 1: Noah was blessed for choosing the right.

Week 2: Jesus' disciples were blessed by choosing the right.

Week 3: Nephi was blessed for choosing the right.

Week 4: Church members today are blessed for choosing the right.

Scripture: "If ye do keep his commandments he doth bless you and prosper you." (Mosiah 2:22)

 Song: "Choose the right" (Hymns, no. 239)

Comments (5)
  • Laura Shaffstall

    My sister and I made printable CTR shields in 39 languages that are available on my blog - I printed mine as 4x6 photos! Hope this helps someone!

  • Kristine Lowder

    What is your blog???

  • Nikki Robinson

    There are some awesome ideas for all 4 lessons in this blog! Multiple ideas for each week. :) february-2012-lds-primary-sharing-time.html

  • Caitlin Newport

    Any suggestions on how to teach choose the right where they will remember it?

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