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Lisa writes, "I made dry erase boards to keep in the closet for our teachers to use during lessons.  To do them, I bought a piece of tile board at a home improvement store ($12.99) and had it cut there for me (free).  The board is 4ft x 8ft, so it made 32 one foot square boards.  I bought two rolls of colored electrical tape ($3.78 each), and used it to edge the boards.  This keeps them from shedding fibers and makes them stay clean.  I used to be a teacher, so I had dry erase markers.  Old socks make great erasers for dry erase boards, so if you save the unmatched socks, you can stick a dry erase marker in each one, and then you have a handy set.  I ended up with the set of 32 boards for just over $20.  They last a really long time, especially with this level of use."

Comments (3)
  • Ruth S.

    If you don't have electrical tape, colored duck tape looks great, too.

  • Susan Darr

    Also, just a note, Costco sells the dry erase markers really cheap. I want to say 16 for like $13.00? I just remember it was extremely cheap compared to other stores. I was fortunate to have a sister buy me a set of boards from a garage sale, they had never been used. They finally found the right home!

  • Fran

    Thanks for the great idea! White boards are so handy for teaching!

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