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Becky writes, 'I made this matching game and I'm going to have the kids try to guess which Book of Mormon goes with which language.  I'll also have a world map up marked with places that speak the different languages and will match each Book of Mormon with that place on the map.  I hope that helps.  The last page is a cheat sheet so you know which goes with which!"

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  • Steffany

    I love this game, does anyone have any idea if it can be enlarged? I would like to print the pictures as large as a half sheet of paper so they can be easily seen from the back of the room.

  • Lorraine Cullis

    Thank you! Your idea for the game will help my lesson.

  • Match the Memory

    I've created my own version of this Concentration game at It has the following match cards: Chinese, English, German, Hawaiian, Japanese, Navajo, Quechua, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, Vietnamese, French.

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