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Once again, my good friend Angela Roberts (with Scriptures4Kids) and I have teamed up to bring you the following Conference packets and activities.  It is always a delight to work with Angela and her team!  (If you haven't been to her site, you's amazing!)  Anyway, we've spent long hours putting these things together for you and hope you'll enjoy them!  If a packet is too long, customize it by just printing the pages you want.  Most of these files are large and will take several moments to load please be patient.  : )  My hope is that there will be a little something for everyone. 

CLICK HERE to see ALL of the other General Conference helps, ideas and files on my site.

CONFERENCE REMINDER WATCHES - I created some watches as a reminder for the children to "watch" conference.  I originally created this with Primary in mind....a way of reminding the children to watch conference with their families.   There are two files.  The first file is for those of you in Utah (or at least where conference starts at 10 am and 2 pm).  [pdf]  For those of you who watch conference at a different time, I did one without the time posted on the handout. [pdf]  (There are six handouts per page).  Cut out watch and tape it to their wrist.

NURSERY PACKET - This packet is geared towards Nursery age children. [Click here to open file.]

JUNIOR PRIMARY PACKET - This packet is geared to younger age Primary children. [Click here to open this file.]

CONFERENCE TV - This little conference TV craft came directly from the October 2001 Friend Magazine (pg. 17).  I just took out the picture of Marion G. Romney and replaced it with Thomas S. Monson. [pdf]

SENIOR PRIMARY PACKET - This packet is geared to children ages 8-12 years old.

It is eight pages front-and-back (16 total pages) - [Click here to open file

2 PAGE FRONT-AND-BACK PRINTABLE for Primary Leaders [pdf] - Some Primary leaders like to give out a small packet to encourage the children to watch conference.  This file is perfect for that purpose as it is two pages, front and back.  You can also make this printable shorter by just doing one page (first two pages printed front-and-back) if you want to save paper.

As you can see from the image below, it makes a difference HOW you print this file.  One option will make the faces and graphics look washed-out.  The other option keeps the images clear.  Make sure before you print the file, click on "Printer Properties".  Select the "Features" tab and under "Color Options" select "Print in Grayscale".  Change the option from "High Quality" to "Black Ink Only".  Then print it and the images should be clear not washed out.  

YOUTH / ADULT CONFERENCE NOTEBOOK - [color/pdf] [black-and-white/pdf]
Number of pages in file - 14 (7 pages front and back)

GENERAL CONFERENCE JOURNAL PAGE - offers another wonderful printable for general conference.  CLICK HERE to go to her site and download the file for yourself. 

- Holy Handouts has put together a download for you to take here

- Holy Handouts has put together a download for your children to use during here

Some people like to just take notes in a composition notebook.  I have created tabs that you can mount to the pages of your notebook to help you organize your notes by speaker. [pdf]

Comments (85)
  • Jenn Haroldsen

    Thank you for all your packets...they are fabulous! I can't wait for the jr. primary and nursery ones to come out!

  • hermoine

    any chance a nursery packet will come out for october 2011 conference?

  • Genny Campbell

    Thank you so much! I'm excited to use these packets with my 5 children! I'm also in our primary presidency, so I will see if we can use these for all of our primary children!

  • mcmjonesmom

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! So appreciate your time and effort putting these together. It's wonderful to have these for conference weekend. Love, love, love your site and all everyone does for us out here!

  • Debbie Schank

    Yet, once again, you're AMAZING! (Thank you!)

  • Becky Westover

    how do i print the prophet chain so they are all the same size. the last page the people are much bigger thatn the others. At first i thought iwas the first presidency but it's not. thanks by the way.. your amazing.

  • Dorajo Messerly

    I can not tell you how excited I get to see these. I love them so much. thanks for the hard work.

  • julie l

    the last 3 apostles to print for the paper doll chain in the jr. primary printout were larger than the rest. I just had to reset my print settings to 'print multiple per page' and they printed the same size as the rest. Thanks for these packets. I am going to use these for FHE for the next 3 Mondays to really emphasize conference, and what is left we will do during conference. Thanks again.

  • Amanda Sorensen

    I love the conference watches! And I love that there is six on a page - enough for our whole family! :)

  • KimA

    Is there anyway to split the pages so each page will print on 8.5x11??

  • Hurley


    How did you get the last three apostles to print the same size as page 11? I tried the "print multiple per page" setting. This made the last three smaller than the others. If you hold yours up to the light do they match up just right or are they now smaller rather than larger? I do hate to complain because these are so wonderful and I do appreciate the hard work.
    Much appreciated...

  • Emmylou

    Wow! I'm sure that took SEVERAL hours.Thank you! Thank you!! Great job, it makes me even more excited for conference.

  • Becky Westover

    to get the chain to print the same go to the option in printing, "multipal up printing" change it to 2 across and 1 down, that one worked for me

  • elena avila

    Thank you so much, you are so creative :) I really appreciate all these!

  • Shawna Allen

    These are so awesome and I am excited to use them. I printed out the Jr. Primary packet, but I can't seem to get it to print correctly. I get part of a page on each page that I print so part is always cut off. Not sure how to correct the problem. If anyone can guide me that would be much appreciated. Thanks

  • Meaghan B

    So excited to give these to my primary class! They are fantastic! Thanks so much!

  • Marissa Smith

    I can't get them to print on 81/2 by 11 paper either. Help!

  • Johanna101

    Thanks so much for your amazing General Conference packets!! I really like the Notebook Tabs and can't wait to use them!! It will make my Journal look so much smarter!! ;-) :-) :lol: :D

  • Sandra Nelsen

    I wanted a conference packet to hand out to my CTR 7 children in a folder with some colored pencils. :-) Sent a link by email to my daughters for my two grandsons. Thanks for the wonderful packets.

  • JC Call

    Please help I could not print out on a 81/2 by 11 paper. JC

  • Jeanette Adams

    If you zoom in on the page then try to print, you can select "current view" under print range. That's how I got it to print one side on an 8 1/2 X 11 page! Hope this helps!

  • Nik B

    I cannot print the nursery packet properly on letter sized paper. So disappointed that I had to settle for half the size of pages 2-7.

  • Suzette Tyler

    I cannot get this to print correctly. It would be great if the different pages had been created as separate pages.

  • Dacia

    These are such awesome ideas! Thank you so much for putting this together and sharing it!

  • AmyAS

    Thank You SO much for all of you hard work! The Young Women will love it as will all of us leaders! I am so appreciative to you for sharing your talents with us! Much love and thanks!

  • Romana

    These packets are great, but every conference I have to supplement them with materials that acknowledge that women also speak at conference.

  • Ronda Felt

    I cant tell you how amazing you are. Your site is the first one I go to for FHE, Activity Days, Visit Teaching! Thanks so much for your time and talents!

  • Andrea

    Hey ladies! I have been seeing if anyone else figured out a way to print the jr primary packets, but I cannot figure it out!!! Please help, I really would love to hand these out on Sunday. Thanks for all your hard work!

  • MariefromIdaho

    I LOVE this packet!! I am in the Primary Presidency in my ward and want to hand these out to all the kids but for the life of me I can't get any of them to print in 8x11. I've tired everyone else's suggestions but nothing has printed out correctly. Is there ANY way possible to set it up to print 1 8x11 page at a time? These are so beautifully done and I am far from talented enough to find and create my own by Sunday. HELP!!??

  • WendyB02

    I ended up saving the file on a jump drive and taking it to the UPS store. They were able to print one copy on something called ledger paper (super long) and cut it. I was then able to use their copier and make copies so it was less expensive then having them print them all. Not ideal - but I have them all ready for my kids tomorrow! Thanks Sugardoodle

  • csjhrw

    This is what I did to make the printing work for the chain in the Jr. Kit; first, print page 12 with the just normal. Then, to print page 11 you highlight the first half of the page, click to print using print range: Page 11, change page scaling to "none" and unclick auto rotate and center. (This changes the format for half of page 11 to fit 8x11 and will print the same size as page 12.) Repeat with the second half of page 11. Works every time!

  • Wackermom

    Thanks so much!! I love sharing these with my children and my primary kids. It makes conference so much more meaningful.

  • Michele

    Well the conference packets are great, it would be nice if we could print them, oh well.

  • marissa smith

    So, I had a friend figure out for me how to print the Jr. Packet onto 8 1/2 x 11 paper. Kind of a round about way but this is what we did: Save file as a PDF. Open in Preview. Save the first page as a jpeg. Open Microsoft word. In the word tabs click INSERT. Then Insert photo Then Picture from file. Select the jpeg you saved (i added a 1, 2, 3, etc so I remembered which page was which.) When the picture shows up in word drag the edges to make it large. Then change the "wrap format" to "in front of text" so that you can move the picture around to where you only have one picture showing up in the screen. Print. Then slide the image over so that the other page shows. Then print. Then delete that image and start with the next. Repeat until you have all the pages. Hope this makes sense and helps someone!

  • Deborah B

    You can print them. For the watches, it is located in the paragraph at the bottom and the words 'pdf' is clickable. All the other ones say click here and they open up another window with that activity that you can print. Hope that helps.

  • Tami Smith

    thank you so much! I got them printed without a problem!

  • Rachel Elison

    Thank you so much for all the cute ideas for all age groups! You guys are Amazing and I really appreicate all of your hard work! It helps me keep my kid interested in conference.

  • Brittinee Bailey

    I got them to print just fine. Opened the PDF and then towards the bottom if you hover over it, it will have a menu type thing that will give the the option to print(image of a printer) or save (image of disk) click print there. It wont print if you just go to file and print on your browser window.

  • scrapaddict28


    1. Open the PDF

    2. Go to 'File', Click on 'Print'

    3. CHANGE Paper Scaling to NONE

    4. Start print... everything will print out correctly on 8 x 11" paper

  • Rebecca Baggaley

    I love the packets, and I've used them for several years. However, I really wish you would double-check the spelling of the apostles' names. It's DIETER F. Uchtdorf and JEFFREY R. Holland and RUSSELL M. Nelson. Thanks!!!

  • Kelli Richardson

    When I try to open the nursery file, all I get is a blank page. Will this file work on a Mac, or do I have to find a PC?

  • rpriscillaj
    This is what I did to make the printing work for the chain in the Jr. Kit; first, print page 12 with the just normal. Then, to print page 11 you highlight the first half of the page, click to print using print range: Page 11, change page scaling to "none" and unclick auto rotate and center. (This changes the format for half of page 11 to fit 8x11 and will print the same size as page 12.) Repeat with the second half of page 11. Works every time!

    How exactly do i get the second half of the page to print on its own?? the first half printed great, but i can't get it to choose the other side, even if i select it like you said...?

  • rpriscillaj

    1. Open the PDF

    2. Go to 'File', Click on 'Print'

    3. CHANGE Paper Scaling to NONE

    4. Start print... everything will print out correctly on 8 x 11" paper

    I'm only getting the first half of each page!

  • Johanna101

    Hi, I wanted to print the Conference watches, but in New Zealand we watch General Conference the week after you guys do, so I was wondering if you could make some without the date or time on???

  • MHill

    If it's any help, I printed them off the right way...finally! :eek:

    The first time I printed, the first pages turned out fine. So I saved the first page. Then here's what I did:

    Save as pdf
    Open and select print
    For print range select "Pages" then 2-8 (or last page number)
    Under "Page Scaling" select "Shrink to Printable Area"
    The print!
    It makes everything a little smaller but fits no problem on 8x11.5.

    Hope that helps!

  • Megret

    I love your packets, and look forward to getting them for my boys each conference. However, I can't get these to correctly, no matter what I try. I've tried all the suggestions in the comments. Can you reformat them to eliminate the double pages? THanks so much!

  • Heidie

    Hi, I am so thankful for your hard work. I am not sure what I am doing wrong...but I have done several of the suggestions above for the nursery packet and it is still not working for me. I was hoping to have these ready before tonight for a multi-family home evening. Please help. Thank you!!

  • huhnannah

    I got all the packets I needed on this site except the nursery packet, which after downloading to my computer opened up as a pdf of just one blank page. Are you sure the right file was uploaded? I was able to get the full packet by going directly to scriptures4kids.

  • Verity

    These are AMAZING. Thanks for all your hard work! My kids really enjoy them. I might have to print out a copy for myself this year, too!

  • Allison Hansen

    The nursery packet shows up as a blank page.

  • Shawna Allen

    A little sad! I have tried all the suggestions and still I cannot get all the general authorities to print out without getting some of the heads cut off and the same on other pages. I don't know what to do. These are really cute packets though. :oops:

  • huhnannah

    Mac User Helps: Open the file with Preview. Use the select tool (Tools: Select Tool) to select the first half of each double page (when you do this for one page, it should do it for all of them). Then crop the pages (Tools: crop) so that only the first pages in each set are showing (note: the original pages are still there, you just can't see them) Print. Then change the view from viewing the crop box to the media box (View: PDF Display: Media box). You should now see both sides of the page again. This time crop the left side and repeat the steps above. Hope this helps someone.

  • Jules B

    I love these! I print them out for my kids every year and they can't wait for Conference so they can do them. I, too, am having trouble getting them to print right. I tried all the suggestions. The only thing I can get to work is to print two of your pages on each page of an 8.5x11. If it's not too much trouble, please, please fix it.

  • Joanne Staheli

    Thank you so much for these inspiring and fun ideas. I am a new Valiant 9 Teacher and will take them to each class member's home and meet their parents, encouraging them to watch Conference together! Thanks for giving me something worthwile and creative to share with them!

  • Marie Rose

    Thanks so much for these ideas. I have a 2 year old I've been racking my brain trying to figure out what to do to keep her THANK YOU!

  • Rachael Larson

    We LOVED ours last year and I just logged in hoping to find a packet again. Thank you sooooo much for all of your hard work. My kids actually begged to work on them before conference but I kept saying "not until it starts." They were counting down the hours until conference would start. Yea!

  • Amyqu

    Thank you SO much for these! I sent your link to all my sisters and mother-in-law. This is going to help my two and three year old make it through the weekend!

  • tangerine

    :lol: these are so great! thank you for sharing!

  • DDM

    I can't download any of these. I just get a green screen that says "missing plugin" in google chrome, and in firefox I get a black screen that has nothing on it.

    What am I missing?

  • Penney Worth

    Thank you again for these great packets for all 4 age groups in my house. As Primary Secretary I also email out the links to those with children.

  • Lisadavisa
    If you zoom in on the page then try to print, you can select "current view" under print range. That's how I got it to print one side on an 8 1/2 X 11 page! Hope this helps!

    The above method is finally what worked for me. A few extra tips: 1. Use "marquee zoom" (right-click on doc, in menu); 2. Right click on doc again, hit "rotate clockwise" so pages fit on your computer monitor; 3. Make sure you can't see the edges of the pages in your zoom, otherwise "current view" will be unclickable in print menu; 4. On print menu, make sure "auto-rotate and center" option is turned on.

  • fromfaraway

    thank you so much for all your work in putting these packets together they are a favorite in our family each conference!!!

  • ErinY

    Here's how to print the Junior packet:

    First, print the packet with Page Scaling set to None and Auto-Rotate and Center unchecked. This will print only half of the pages.

    To get the other half, follow the steps outlined here: It's quite a bit of time and effort but at least you don't have to create a whole new packet!

  • KristanE

    I can fit them to page, but then the toilet paper dolls are too small to fit around a roll. :-( Any way they could be made into an 8.5 x 11 format? I really love these for conference, er my KIDS really love these for conference...

  • Anna H

    These are ADORABLE. A big thank you to all those who put the packets together. I love them! Thank you thank you thank you!!

  • smiley365

    Thank you so much for helping a busy mother of seven have something to keep my children "tuned-in" to General Conference! What a blessing. Thank you for sharing your talents! :roll:

  • Otter

    I love these packets and have used them for the past 2 years. Sadly, the odd format made it impossible for me to print this time! Maybe next year you could go back to the old print-friendly format that does not require a computer science degree to figure out 8( ? Thnx!

  • cbruno

    Thank you for creating these great worksheets. These packets really help keep my children involved during conference. I've printed them out a few times previously, and my kids always ask for them. Thanks for your hard work to create these!

  • Heather Condie

    This works. Thankyou!
    1. Open the PDF

    2. Go to 'File', Click on 'Print'

    3. CHANGE Paper Scaling to NONE

    4. Start print... everything will print out correctly on 8 x 11" paper[/quote]

  • HeatherHH

    Junior Primary packet has an error - page 4 says 'When Christ was on Earth the He taught His disciples." :-)

  • Smday

    So awesome! Thank you!!!!

  • Smday

    This is awesome! Thank you!!!

  • Mrsdelaney

    Love this! Thank you so much for your hard work! The quote on page 13 on the left hand column about sharing general conference should have been on the front! I really hope everyone reads it and feels inspired. May we all have a blessed and inspired General Conference!

  • Jessica984

    I admire the time and effort you have put into creating this packets. Just one thought for you as you put these kinds of things together. Attending several general leadership trainings, they repeatedly tell us only to use church approved materials for use in lessons and callings. As I've learned more about the reasons behind this instruction, one thing that was brought to my attention was that the church is very selective on pictures drawn depicting the prophets, apostles and Christ. They do not want them to look 'cartoony' and viewed as fictional characters. They are very careful to have them look real, which is why sometimes they don't have as 'cutesy' a look to them. This made a lot of sense to me and made me rethink what I'm using to teach my kids. I would love to see more of the 'church approved' type illustrations to help teach that these people are real and not just cartoons. I would so love to use more of the things on this wonderful site!

  • ColleenH

    Comment #63 worked for me. :) This is great, thanks!

  • KristanE

    Make sure the auto-rotate and center button is NOT checked!!

    This works. Thankyou!
    1. Open the PDF

    2. Go to 'File', Click on 'Print'

    3. CHANGE Paper Scaling to NONE

    4. Start print... everything will print out correctly on 8 x 11" paper


  • motherof2

    I love these packets! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get the nursery packet to print right. A corner of it would appear as a different part of the page. It printed just fine from scriptures4kids, however. Thanks again!

  • Gina Penney

    :-) I JUST LOVE Conference! I am trying to share the importance with my children. What a great way to do so with these packets!! THANK YOU!

  • Kiersten Smith

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: ;-) 8) ;-) 8) ;-) ;-) 8) 8) LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Daniee

    Wow! These conference activity books are amazing!!! :lol: Thank you so much for putting them together and helping our children enjoy and learn more through them this conference.

  • muddoc_b

    My printer doesn't seem to have any of those options. If I so zoom in and select print it goes back to the normal view. I don't have a change paper scaling. HELP! Nothing I try is working. So frustrating.

  • Melonie

    :-) :lol: :D :-| :-) ;-) 8) :-| :-* :oops: :sad: :cry: :o :-? :-x :eek: :zzz :P :roll: :sigh: :sigh: :)
    I love this website cuz it helps my lil sis stay still through conference!!!!

  • NenaH

    Thank you so much for these wonderful resources! They really made a huge difference and my 3 year old son loved working on his apostle chain!

  • Carsun

    I love General Conference! And I love the General Conference Journal page. It's so cute! :lol:

  • Anna H

    It woked for me too :-| :-| :-| :-| :-| :-| :-| :-| :eek:

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