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Once again, my good friend Angela Roberts (with Scriptures4Kids) and I have teamed up to bring you the following Conference packets and activities.  It is always a delight to work with Angela and her team!  (If you haven't been to her site, you's amazing!)  Anyway, we've spent long hours putting these things together for you and hope you'll enjoy them!  If a packet is too long, customize it by just printing the pages you want.  Most of these files are large and will take several moments to load please be patient.  : )  My hope is that there will be a little something for everyone. 

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CONFERENCE REMINDER WATCHES - I created some watches as a reminder for the children to "watch" conference.  I originally created this with Primary in mind....a way of reminding the children to watch conference with their families.   There are two files.  The first file is for those of you in Utah (or at least where conference starts at 10 am and 2 pm).  [pdf]  For those of you who watch conference at a different time, I did one without the time posted on the handout. [pdf]  (There are six handouts per page).  Cut out watch and tape it to their wrist.

NURSERY PACKET - This packet is geared towards Nursery age children. [Click here to open file.]

JUNIOR PRIMARY PACKET - This packet is geared to younger age Primary children. [Click here to open this file.]

CONFERENCE TV - This little conference TV craft came directly from the October 2001 Friend Magazine (pg. 17).  I just took out the picture of Marion G. Romney and replaced it with Thomas S. Monson. [pdf]

SENIOR PRIMARY PACKET - This packet is geared to children ages 8-12 years old.

It is eight pages front-and-back (16 total pages) - [Click here to open file

2 PAGE FRONT-AND-BACK PRINTABLE for Primary Leaders [pdf] - Some Primary leaders like to give out a small packet to encourage the children to watch conference.  This file is perfect for that purpose as it is two pages, front and back.  You can also make this printable shorter by just doing one page (first two pages printed front-and-back) if you want to save paper.

As you can see from the image below, it makes a difference HOW you print this file.  One option will make the faces and graphics look washed-out.  The other option keeps the images clear.  Make sure before you print the file, click on "Printer Properties".  Select the "Features" tab and under "Color Options" select "Print in Grayscale".  Change the option from "High Quality" to "Black Ink Only".  Then print it and the images should be clear not washed out.  

YOUTH / ADULT CONFERENCE NOTEBOOK - [color/pdf] [black-and-white/pdf]
Number of pages in file - 14 (7 pages front and back)

GENERAL CONFERENCE JOURNAL PAGE - offers another wonderful printable for general conference.  CLICK HERE to go to her site and download the file for yourself. 

- Holy Handouts has put together a download for you to take here

- Holy Handouts has put together a download for your children to use during here

Some people like to just take notes in a composition notebook.  I have created tabs that you can mount to the pages of your notebook to help you organize your notes by speaker. [pdf]

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