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"If you want to give a light to others, you have to glow yourself."  President Thomas S. Monson 


A notice dated August 1, 2011, announced the 2012 Mutual theme: “Arise and shine forth, that thy light may be a standard for the nations” (Doctrine and Covenants 115:5).

Leaders are encouraged to use the theme as a focus of “special cultural events and other dance, music, and drama activities.” Leaders may also introduce the theme with a new DVD, Strength of Youth Media 2012: Arise and Shine Forth, which will be sent to units in November 2011. Additional resource material in support of the theme will be available in the New Era and Liahona magazines and on at the beginning of 2012.

This video is from the DVD "Arise and Shine Forth" DVD Presentations for 2012 - available for purchase on


The church has some downloadable resources for this year's theme.  Scroll down to the bottom of THIS page and you'll see logos, posters and T-shirt ideas.


Arise and Shine {Sparkle}
Arise and Shine Forth: Take the challenge by Anabelle Chacon
Life...Design...and the Pursuit of Happiness


Arise and Shine Forth


Darcy Patterson Photography
Little Miss Suzy Q


What are your YW birthday gift ideas for 2012?


Bug a Boo Corner
Darcy Patterson Photography
Liberty's Layouts


Pinlight from Burlap & Denim

CAMP (see Girl's Camp)


Arise and Shine wrappers for Butterfinger bars


Arise and Shine Wallpaper by Sarah Kang


Express Yourself


The light of the body by Rachael Cochran


2012 Mutual Theme Handouts and Printables
Handout idea by Vanessa - cute!
The light of the body by Rachael Cochran


Shine Forth


Arise and Shine Forth: Take the Challenge by Anabelle Chacon
Arise and Shine Lesson Outline and Printable
"We are getting the youth up early and meeting at the church at 5:45 AM!  They are to be bundled up in heavy coats, hats, gloves, etc.  While it's still dark, we will drive to a close by "hill".  We will "hike" up to the top, each youth carrying a camping chair, hot chocolate, and flashlight.  Now, one person can't carry all that very easily... so we will let them figure out how to cooperate and get there stuff up to the top.  Once there, we will watch the sun rise and listen to a speaker introducing our new theme "Arise and Shine Forth".  We will enjoy the spirit, along with our hot chocolate and donuts.  (Idea by Catherine Taylor / ga12272011)
We introducted the theme at last night's activity.  We did cupcakes with a single candle in them. We were going to have a small string around the candle with the theme "arise and shine" but the gal who did it decided to make bookmarks instead! They turned out really cute. For the activity, we had all the lights off in the hallway and rooms. In the room we had 6 or seven battery candles glowing and church music playing softly in the background. When the youth arrived we had the YW leaders with flashlights take one or two youth at a time and seat them in the dark room. When it was time to start we had one of the youth holding a candle welcome everyone and ask for an opening prayer then that same youth talked about the theme and then invited everyone to stand up and recite it with her, at that point one of the leaders shone their flash light on the poster board she had made up and everyone recited it. Then we watched 3 of the short "Arise and Shine" movies that we downloaded from the church's website. Then another youth stood up and read a quote...I don't have it but it was something like how our Savior will always be the true source of light in our lives...and then all the leaders shone their flash light on the picture of the Savior...she bore her testimony then sat down. Then another gal talked about how there are times where we are in dark situations and tonight we learned how the Savior will be our light, but there are more simpler times like in a dark movie theater, how there is always lights along the aisle showing the path, front porch light helps guide us home, the street lights, a camp fire, light house...etc. She then told them we were going to ask them to play volleyball in the dark using only glow sticks and a glowing beach ball. (Credit Unknown / Idea shared on LDS Young Women Yahoo Group)


2012 Resource Guide
Arise and Shine Lesson Outline and Printable
Lesson Schedule from Somewhat Simple
Manual 1 Lesson Helps


2012 YW Lesson Schedule by Sister Bates
2012 YW Manual 1 Lesson Schedule by Melanie Day


Arise and Shine Logo
Arise and Shine Logos by Michael Priddis
Arise and Shine Forth Logo by Michelle Pohlman
Levantaos y brillad by Jessica Garcia (SPANISH)
Neisha's 2012 Mutual Logos


Shine Forth

NEW BEGINNINGS IDEAS (specific to this year's theme):

Arise and Shine Forth by Alicia Hill
For our New Beginnings presentation we are doing a Arise and Shine Forth and the Tree of Life Combo. The lights will be off, except for some battery operated lanterns on the table. The girls will get up from theirtable, carrying a lantern from the table, and walk down a straight and narrow path, stop at a microphone and state a value and its scripture then share a brief personal testimony on how that value has helped them to Arise and Shine Forth, then carry their lantern to a tree. As each girl brings their light and hangs it on the tree the audience will begin to see the tree. We are using white light, like the white fruit from the tree. Then they are singing a song. (Idea by April Stout / LDS YW Yahoo Group)
Game Night
Leap into Personal Progress
Lollly Jane
New Beginnings Idea
Rainbow Themed New Beginnings
Soulvivor New Beginnings
Tangled by Michelle
We are using the theme from Tangled and using the"light" analogy. We bought paper lanterns and will have them choose a righteous desire and then we will all light our paper lanterns and set them free. (Idea by Kelli Lindsey)


Build in Holy Places - Inspired by the 2013 Youth Theme this family has journed to build the temples of the world, brick by (Lego) brick.


2012 Mutual Theme Handouts and Printables


A Plus Engraving
 Arise and Shine Card - Jack and Jill of *many* trades
Bottlecap pendants and zipper pulls
Kelly Annie - bracelets, pendants and handstamped jewelrey with 2012 theme
Real Hero Posters
The Copper Pearl
YW Theme Necklace from Charmcicles


Keepers of the Flame


A light dessert
Sunshine Cupcakes


2012 Resource Guide


Levantaos y brillad by Jessica Garcia (SPANISH)


Mormon Share
The Idea Door


Vote for excellence by Anna Zenk


2012 Youth Conferences at Temple Square

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  • kathy Thurgood

    there is a cute idea with the new theme. A hand painted night light with a lighthouse and theme. Go to to see it!
    I thought it would be great for New Beginnings, or the girls birthdays!

  • SarahC

    If your interested in 2012 mutual theme products to purchase, check out this website that makes bookmarks, keychains, zipperpulls and more. Reasonably low price too!

  • Kristy Auten

    Here's charming LDS Gifts new Arise and Shine forth charm. Love the prices, their articles of Faith bracelet was shown in the November Friend on page eighteen. Very affordable prices!!

  • AmandaB

    Last year there was a lesson schedule that grouped the lesson together by subject/category. They weren't in chronological order. We really liked it. Do you have something posted like that for 2012?

  • AmandaB

    Last year a lesson schedule was available that divided the lessons into categories/subjects. Do you have something available for 2012? We really liked it.


  • Maria Gerber
    Last year a lesson schedule was available that divided the lessons into categories/subjects. Do you have something available for 2012? We really liked it.


    Last year a lesson schedule was available that divided the lessons into categories/subjects. Do you have something available for 2012? We really liked it.


    I am also interested in this! Thanks!

  • Hailey Johnson

    I am really interested in some more bulletin board ideas for 2012. Anyone have more to share? Or is there any other resources anyone has heard with bulletin board ideas for this year??


  • Brianna Haroldsen

    Does anyone have any good 2012 New Beginnings ideas?? Thanks! Please let me know!

  • Dana Reeves

    In our ward we have not received the Strength of Youth Media 2012: Arise and Shine Forth CD. Does anyone know where I get one? Thanks!

  • ashley LEMIEUX

    Shine Products! necklaces.html

  • hyde

    Had a cute Birthday idea. Thanks for Shining so Bright we have to wear shades. Found sunglasses for about $1.50 online. So cute and fun!

  • Beverley

    There is a vidoe on the churchs website for the Mutual theme for 2012, Arise, I have it in MP3 format. Please send me a message if you would like it, it is really great, and has wonderful beat and message in it.

  • Lolly Jane

    Just wanted to say THANK YOU for the shout out on our NB's program :)

    LOTS of cute idea's here!!

  • Kaylie

    this is awesome. i ? sugardoodle

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