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This is such a fun game.  I printed off cards of each of the prophets (seen in this picture) from Later-Day Prophet Cards from  Then you put a piece of cereal on each card.  Then you choose one person to go out of the room or on the other side of the room.  While they are away, the rest of the group chooses one of the prophets, for example, "Spencer W. Kimball."  Then, the person comes back and everyone starts singing, "Follow the Prophet" or "Later-Day Prophets".  The person you chose to go away then comes back and starts taking the cheerios off each prophet card, one-by-one.  Once they take the cheerio off the designated card (Spencer W. Kimball in this case), everyone stops singing and says, "Don't eat the prophet!"  Then, you choose a new person to go out of the room and start all over again.  They loved this game!

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