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Adri writes, "We have a fairly LARGE primary...and a small budget. So I condensed the images from the nursery manual pg 47 so I could fit three on one page. Thought this might be helpful for others who have a lot of Primary children.  Better late than never!"

Comments (9)
  • Ramona

    Thank you so much--This is perfect :-)

  • Melissa

    Thanks so much. We too have a large Primary and this will save lots of paper and time. Thanks for sharing!

  • Emilee

    Thank you! We also have a large primary so this is perfect!

  • Tami

    Late? Works great for me, we also have a large primary! Thanks a ton.

  • Sheila

    I was just about to do something like this. I'm glad I looked here first. Thank you!

  • Michelle

    Wonderful, thanks!

  • Lisa

    Perfect! Thanks for sharing!

  • Barb Wilkins

    And here I am at the 11th hour (seriously its 5 minutes to 11pm) This will work very well for our Jr Primary. Many thanks

  • Leah

    Thanks so much as I could not get the poster to open or print on or

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