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Shelley writes, "For our recent pack meeting on the Core Value of Courage we played water games and had the theme:

Have the Courage to Get Wet! We had four stations and a little courage application for each game. I simply shared the scripture example and then explained the activity. After each activity, we had a couple of pieces of Salt WATER taffy. This slowed them down just enough to listen to me explain the next activity.

First Station: Have the Courage to Use Your Head. The Brother of Jared had to figure out how to light his barges and then ask the Lord for help. Sometimes courage means using our head to figure things out and then asking for God's help.

The Game: two teams. Each team needs to get all the water from the first bucket to the second bucket. They have to scoop the water with a cup (that had lots of large holes in it!), put it on their HEAD and run to the second bucket.

Second Station: Have the Courage to Use Your Feet. Joseph in Egypt ran away from temptation. This isn't being chicken it is showing courage! Nephi also had courage to "go and do what the Lord hath commanded." We need to be like Joseph and Nephi.

The Game:
Line the boys up on the ground lying on their backs. Their heads and feet should alternate. Place a soaked sponge in between the first boy's feet. Using only their FEET they have to get the sponge all the way down the line of boys to another empty bucket. We did 6 sponges.

Third Station: Have the Courage to Choose Good Friends. The Sons of Mosiah and Alma the Younger were really good friends. When they made bad choices together they caused a lot of problems for the church, but when they repented they were very supportive of each other and helped each other to teach the gospel and to serve missions for many years. We need to choose good friends to help give us courage to make good choices.

The Game:
Each boy chooses a friend and they stand back to back. They link arms at the elbows. Place a water balloon between the boys at their backs. They have to run a certain distance without popping the water balloon.

Fourth Station: Have the Courage to Listen to Your Parents. When the Savior was 12 years old he stayed behind in Jerusalem to teach in the temple. When his parents realized he was gone, they went and found him and asked him to return with them. He was willing to obey his parents and show them respect.

The Game:
have each boy grab a parent and give the pair a water balloon. We did the traditional water balloon toss where you see how far apart you can get without popping the balloon.

It was a really simple, fun activity for our pack. Hope this idea helps someone else!"

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