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Enrichment Activity - [Word] [pdf]

Ericka writes, "Make sure you are on the correct lesson number for your ward/branch. I usually work on powerpoints a week or two ahead of where I am teaching.

When I prepare the powerpoints the lesson and scripture story are nearly word for word from I occasionally make slight changes to make it flow better for a powerpoint. However, for the most part, it's identical to the manual and the New Testament scripture stories found on

You may need to tweak things so they'll work properly for you. Feel free to alter and delete slides as you see fit! The powerpoint is longer than what can be covered in class because I have included all of the enrichment activities. Choose whichever ones you want to use in class and delete the others. The artwork at the end is there because I try to find as much artwork as I can while I'm searching and know some use my powerpoints just for the artwork. Feel free to use the images or delete the entire slides. Enjoy!"

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