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THIS MONTH there are 20 Random features....AGAIN!!! ; )

4th of July printable BINGO cards

Firework Floats and Popcorn

Let freedom "ring"

4th of July treat table - a tribute to George

Fourth of July Centerpieces

Pioneer Party - With Pioneer Day coming up on July 24th, many of these ideas could be used for a family celebration.

God Bless America

Star Topiaries

Glow in the dark drinks

Bunting Banner Tutorial

Vanilla Fudge Whoopies

Cupcake Toppers and treat printables

Patriotic Printables

Camp Kitchen Organizer for Camping

Home of the free, because of the brave

Independence Crackers

Banana Boats - I made these at Girl Scout Camp when I was a young girl....yum.  We also used butterscotch chips.

Lawn Stars


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