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Lori writes, "We recently had a really fun activity that I thought I would share with you.  It was a YM/YW combined activity.  We've been working on learning all of the Articles of Faith as part of our Young Women mission plan to help the girls feel better about talking to their friends about the gospel.  For our ice cream social, they teamed up and worked together to recite all the Articles of Faith.  We gave the Young Men a heads up on what we were doing so they had time to start learning the Articles of Faith if they didn't know them well. 

Each youth was given a check list that they had to take to a leader and have the leader initial beside each Article of Faith they recited correctly.  We gave them about 45 minutes to do this as some people were still trying to memorize as they went.  They didn't have to go in order, so as soon as they got one of the Articles down, they could get it initialed and then move on.  Then, after 45 minutes we called them into the serving area where we had set up 13  various bits of an ice cream sundae.  We had brownies, 3 types of ice cream, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, Oreos, M&Ms, sprinkles, strawberry topping, cherries, whipped cream, and their spoon! Each bit of the sundae was assigned an Article of Faith.  If the youth had been signed off as having recited that Article of Faith correctly, then they got that part of the sundae. 

For example, we made sure that the brownie and at least one of the flavors of ice cream was a number that everyone was able to recite, like #4 or #8.  But something like the Oreo Topping was #10, which only about half of our youth were able to recite.  And we had fun watching the few that didn't get their spoon try to eat with fingers!  We eventually took pity on them and gave them a spoon as to avoid too much mess in the church.  We also found that Article of Faith #9, #10, #11, and #13 we're the most challenging for our youth.  This activity could be modified for whatever toppings you would like or if they have to go in order.  But we had a great time and found that many of them knew all the Articles of Faith very well!"

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