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by Dana Cockrum of "Noggins and Nonsense" / ga05282011

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Why Scripture Journal?

Elder Richard G. Scott: “We often leave the most precious personal direction of the Spirit unheard because we do not record and respond to the first promptings that come to us when the Lord chooses to direct us.”

President Spencer W. Kimball:Get a notebook, my young folks, a journal that will last through all time, and maybe the angels may quote from it for eternity.”

Elder Gene R. Cook: “I’ve found, as I’m sure you have, that when you’re trying to learn from the Lord and you feel an impression from the Spirit, it’s important to make a note so it will not be forgotten. The more you not only hear but abide by what you’ve been told, the more the Lord will give to you. It will come more and more rapidly and you will begin to hear and feel those impressions of the Spirit more quickly than you have previously done.”

Elder Neal A. Maxwell: “The prompting that goes unresponded to may not be repeated. Writing down what we have been prompted with is vital. A special thought can be lost later in the day through the rough and tumble of life. God should not, and may not, choose to repeat the prompting if we assign what is given such a low priority as to put it aside.”

Years ago,  I started a Scripture Journal. I purchased one online and realized a few things right away; the way it was organized (alphabetically) and the ability to add pages worked exactly as I had hoped.  But I was hindered by the size; which was smaller than typical printer-sized paper.  This made adding Conference talks and other printouts a challenge. I soon saw new value in a typical  3-ring binder and then we moved. My scripture journal lay in a box for months.

A couple of months ago, I was led here:  The Red Headed Hostess.  Shannon has such wonderful ideas like labeling pictures, finding doctrines and principals, topic blitz and many more.  I owe a huge “THANKS” to her for inspiring me and getting me excited about my Scripture Journal again.  I wanted to try some of her tips and suggestions, but I have one major problem:

I am a perfectionist! My handwriting isn’t always nice. I know me; I would want to rip out pages and redo them until they looked the way I wanted.  I would want to go back and add something else but I wouldn’t have room.  My underlining wouldn’t be straight.  Something wouldn’t be perfectly centered… and… and… and… so I made some journal pages to enable me to move beyond my perfectionist ways.

There is only one place to find “Strength Beyond Our Own” and that is in the Word of God.

If you are looking for ways to become more engaged and excited about your scripture study, you might try Scripture Journaling and be sure and visit The Red Headed Hostess for additional ideas."

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