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Lauri writes, "I am fairly new to Young Women and wanted a summary of all the Personal Progress requirements so I could see them at a glance.  I couldn’t find anything like it, so I created it!  I plan to use the summary to help with our activity planning as well as my daughter’s and my own Personal Progress.  Just making the chart got me totally stoked to get started and filled my head with possibilities!  I hope it can help others who need a quick reference.  There are 2 files, one for Value Experiences and one for Value Projects. 

My 12 year-old thinks I’m a little crazy for doing this!  After all, it is all right there in the booklet, but this way I don’t have to flip through the pages."

Comments (9)
  • Melanie Gibson

    Thanks for this awesome chart. By the way my maiden name is Thurber. I rarely meet anyone with that last name. I would love to touch base with you and see if we are related. Email me if you want sometime. Thanks!

  • Mary Hansen

    What a wonderful idea. However, I can't get it to open. Help!

  • JoAnn

    I would love to use it, however, I can't get it to there a trick?

  • Ashleigh L.

    Mary and JoAnn - You have to have the current version of Microsoft Excel to open/view the files. I'm guessing you don't have Excel??

    I would love to use it, however, I can't get it to there a trick?
  • Robyn J

    Has anyone got these to work. I do have Excel, however, these are not excel files, just folders of XML documents.

  • deborah johnson

    I have 2007 excel and cannot open..I checked online ways to open and they are not working..

  • Lauri

    I have saved the files as pdf files and have resent them to Melanie. I hope they will be available for others to use and will help you in your planning and Personal Progress!

  • Lauri

    Files are now in PDF format rather than Excel. Good luck on your Personal Progress!

  • Stevilynn

    Lauri, Can I can't open the PDF it comes up with an error message :(

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