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Mary Ann writes, "I'm sooo excited about these!  Our Primary president assigned me to come up with an award to give the Activity Day girls when they complete their Faith in God book since the boys get tons of recognition pins and badges with Cub Scouts (including the religious knot when they complete the appropriate Faith in God requirements).  This is what I came up with for our girls...
As a Primary Presidency we decided to give charms to our Activity Day girls when they complete their Faith in God book, as well as when they complete the five major categories in the program.  The specific charms are:

- "We Believe" bead (memorizing all the Articles of Faith),
- Book of Mormon (Learning and Living the Gospel),
- Heart (Serving Others),
- Star (Developing Talents),
- "YW" (Preparing for YW), and
- "FAITH" circle pendant (Faith in God)
I also made up cards to attach the charms to for when we present them to the girls.  We give the charms for the five categories at our semi-annual recognition nights (like pack meetings), but we present them with the "FAITH" pendant for completing the entire Faith in God book in Primary on Sunday.  The cards are very generic, so anyone could use them for awards they decided to give for Faith in God progress (boys or girls).
I bought all of these charms online and had good experiences with the companies I worked with.  I'm not affiliated with any of these businesses and I'd definitely recommend them to others:

("We Believe" bead; look under LDS Jewelry)
(Book of Mormon charm)
("YW" charm; look under LDS Young Women Theme gifts)
(Heart, Star, and "FAITH" circle charms)

I want to make sure that it is noted that our Primary President got approval from our bishop before we even thought about additional Primary awards for completing the Faith in God requirements.  These charms are purely extras that we wanted to provide our girls as gifts from our Primary organization to congratulate them on their achievements.  The official policy of the church is that the joy of living the gospel is the most important reward from completing the Faith in God program."

ADDITIONAL NOTE - This would also be a great gift idea for Activity Day leaders.  Or parents could use this idea on their own to reward their girls progress.

Comments (20)
  • Sister Petersen

    Hi Sister Clements,
    This idea is fantastic!!!
    I have tried very diligently to find these web sites to purchase these charms and I am not successful.
    Could you send me the web site address, please.
    We love your idea.
    Thank you for sharing, your very hard work.
    Sister Petersen ;.)

  • Gabriela Pereyra

    Thank you very much for such grat idea I love it and I know my girls will love it too

  • Brandy

    Hi! I LOVE this idea! I looked up all of the info for the charms and their pricing, etc. I noticed for the star charm (if we are looking at the same one) that they sell it in packs of 500? If this is the case would you be willing to send me some that you have already if I pay for shipping? We have a terribly small budget and 19 girls! If we could just purchase what we need that would be very helpful. Thanks so much! And thank you for this site, I get many ideas from here.

  • Mary Ann C. The Star charm is also sold in packages of 20 (Item #H20-8890FY). The Heart charm is sold in packages of 20 (Item #H20-8886FY). The Faith charm is sold individually (Item #H20-6507FX). Note: Fire Mountain Gems has several "Faith" charms, and tons of heart and star charm designs. The "We Believe" bead is sold in packages of 12 (Item #SP89C). Note: They also have a "Faith" bead sold in packages of 12 (Item #SP91C). The Book of Mormon charm is sold individually. Note: They also have a "Faith" charm, a "Believe" charm, heart charms, a star charm, and an "I am a Child of God" charm - each sold individually. The "YW" charm is sold individually. The direct link is Kit-p/yw%20charm.htm (it can also be purchased in a kit).

  • AJ

    Sister Clements, I love this idea, thank you. But I noticed that you do not list where you got the bracelets to put the charms on. Did you find them locally or online? Thank you for your help.

  • AJ

    Sister Clements, I love this idea, thank you. But I noticed that you don't list where you purchased the bracelets to attach the charms to. Did you find them locally or online? Thank you for your help.

  • Sarah Robles

    Does any one know how the "We believe" Bead was made into a charm? It looks as though Something was threaded through the middle?

  • Mary Ann C.

    "We Believe" bead - I used a 1" head pin and a clear glass bead to turn the bead into a charm (the clear glass bead was just to ensure the head pin didn't slip right through the hole in the "We Believe" bead). I then just bent the top of the head pin into a loop and tucked the end back into the hole. You can find basic head pins and glass beads at your local craft store or Walmart (or if you have any people in your ward that make jewelry, ask if they have a couple extras).

    Chain bracelets - I was able to locate some online, but we decided to let the kids get them for themselves if they wanted them. This particular bracelet I purchased at a local craft store for $3, but you can find some in bulk online for about $1 each. We figured it was okay to let the girls decide how they'd want to use their charms (on bracelete, necklaces, zipper pulls, bookmarks or whatever).

  • Sister Westover

    This is such an awesome idea, but the primary stake presidency in my area specifically told us that we were not to give any additional gifts/awards besides the certificate at the back of the book. They said it is church guidelines. Is this right? Let me know.

  • Sister Westover

    Are we allowed to give awards other than the certificate at the back of the Faith in God book. My Stake Primary Presidency said it was against church guidelines. :-?

  • Sarah Robles

    The church has not set up an award for this program. If your ward/ stake will allow you too, you can give this type of reward system. We have talked in our ward and we have decided that for our girls they need to have some type of motivation besides the certificate. so we are willing to take it out of our budget to pay for it. You do have to get it approved.

  • Mary Ann C.

    If anyone is still interested in doing these charm bracelets for their girls and need help getting the supplies, you can contact me through my Etsy shop:

    Items will be sold at cost for church groups. Thanks! -Mary Ann Clements

  • Jody  - Charm Bracelets

    I would love love love to buy these for the girls in our primary. Do you have a price quote for the discounted rate for church groups. Thanks so much!!

  • Nikki ONeal

    I love this idea so much! I just purchased all of the charms. My question is since the girls are supposed to complete two per category each year, when exactly do they earn each charm? I saw that you handed them out at recognition nights, so does that mean that they can complete everything under 1 category in the first year, etc? Thanks so much for this super cute idea, my girls are so excited!

  • Sis. Kicenski

    :roll: This is such a wonderful cute idea! I have been trying to find someway to keep my girls motivated and answers to prayers have been answered. I hope my the Primary President goes for it. I honestly don't see why it would be against church guidelines. It's something that will help motivate them and something that they'll have for memories down the road. Of course I will have each of my girls earn them! Well, my fingers are crossed. I was also thinking of having a Activity day girls awards night just like the young women have. I really want the best for the girls. They deserve to be recognized for their hard efforts to better themselves!

  • Guest

    I remember the days of a nice Faith in God pendant for completing the program; not sure why that ever changed, as there is a reward for finishing every other program or milestone in and out of the church. I think this is a great idea; even presenting the whole bracelet when they complete the program; but I would also find something for the boys too when they complete the program; just signing the back of the book that they've been using for 4 years isn't a motivation.

  • Sis. Plummer  - Clueless

    I love this idea. I am new to Activity Days, and am completely interested in ordering these bracelets. Please let me know how and where to buy these items. I checked the links that were posted above, and found some, but not all of them. If there is one place to buy the whole thing for the girls, that would be helpful.

    Thank you.

  • D Bingham  - handots for charms

    Sister Peterson,
    I would love to have a way of making those cute handouts with the charms attached to them and am not able to find if you posted them or not. Could I have it emailed to me?
    Thank you so much.
    Sister D

  • Cari Weaver  - Charm cards

    Awesome idea! We already bought the charms and bracelets. Do you happen to have the charm cards in a pdf format for downloading? Would love it. : )

  • Cari Weaver  - OOps!

    Sorry - just found your cards. Thanks!!!

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