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Mary Ann writes, "I'm sooo excited about these!  Our Primary president assigned me to come up with an award to give the Activity Day girls when they complete their Faith in God book since the boys get tons of recognition pins and badges with Cub Scouts (including the religious knot when they complete the appropriate Faith in God requirements).  This is what I came up with for our girls...
As a Primary Presidency we decided to give charms to our Activity Day girls when they complete their Faith in God book, as well as when they complete the five major categories in the program.  The specific charms are:

- "We Believe" bead (memorizing all the Articles of Faith),
- Book of Mormon (Learning and Living the Gospel),
- Heart (Serving Others),
- Star (Developing Talents),
- "YW" (Preparing for YW), and
- "FAITH" circle pendant (Faith in God)
I also made up cards to attach the charms to for when we present them to the girls.  We give the charms for the five categories at our semi-annual recognition nights (like pack meetings), but we present them with the "FAITH" pendant for completing the entire Faith in God book in Primary on Sunday.  The cards are very generic, so anyone could use them for awards they decided to give for Faith in God progress (boys or girls).
I bought all of these charms online and had good experiences with the companies I worked with.  I'm not affiliated with any of these businesses and I'd definitely recommend them to others:

("We Believe" bead; look under LDS Jewelry)
(Book of Mormon charm)
("YW" charm; look under LDS Young Women Theme gifts)
(Heart, Star, and "FAITH" circle charms)

I want to make sure that it is noted that our Primary President got approval from our bishop before we even thought about additional Primary awards for completing the Faith in God requirements.  These charms are purely extras that we wanted to provide our girls as gifts from our Primary organization to congratulate them on their achievements.  The official policy of the church is that the joy of living the gospel is the most important reward from completing the Faith in God program."

ADDITIONAL NOTE - This would also be a great gift idea for Activity Day leaders.  Or parents could use this idea on their own to reward their girls progress.

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