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Kim writes, "Just thought I'd share a cute idea I had for the sisters on my new visiting teaching list. I made a magnet for each sister's fridge with the contact information for myself and my visiting teaching companion. The text around the outside says, "Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall....all you have to do is call." At the top of each magnet, it reads, "You've Got a Friend." Hope this is helpful!   Just open the Word file where you can edit the text with your personal information."

Comments (12)
  • Wendy

    Very cute design. Thanks for sharing.
    It is a good idea

  • Ann

    They just gave many of us new Sisters to visit, so this is appreciated very much!!!

  • Erica

    Makes me want to sing James Taylor's You've Got a Friend - we just may sing that to our VT ladies this month! Thanks! (

  • Becca

    KIM! I cant' believe (1) how cute this is! (2) That I found you on here too! Love it!!

  • Megan

    great idea, thanks!

  • Bonnie Jill Barfuss

    Does anyone have an idea for "route" cards to give to the visiting teachers that list sisters being taught with addresses, telephone #, and birthdays.

  • Mae H.

    Thanks so much for doing this beautiful magnet. I love it. I went to make one but wanted to make it pretty so I thought I'd check on sugardoodle first. I am so glad I did.

  • Lynda Pearson

    Love your site. I would like to sign up to be an SD friend. How do you go about that? Also I was looking for Conference packets for children and found Jennifer Lund's Ultimate Oct. 2010 Conference Packet but when the PDF link is clicked there is no further access. It looked great. I'd appreciate any help you can give me. Sugardoodle is a great resource.

  • Guest

    So great, thanks for posting your ideas ladies.

  • Guest

    Thank you so much for sharing! This was exactly what I was looking for!

  • Mele Lasike  - THANK YOU!! ...

    Thank you Kim for sharing !! perfect just what I was looking for on a rushed morning!! :woohoo:

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