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by Lauralee Lemon of "Yellow Mums" / ga04302011

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Lauralee writes, "I just created this for our primary children to fill out and give to their moms. I thought it would be fun to share!"

Comments (9)
  • Susan

    umm. I'd take off the age and weight question. Let's not make Mommies cry

  • Brandi

    I like the age and weight question. My kids always WAY underestimate which always makes me feel awesome! Thanks for doing this Lauralee. It was just what I was looking for.

  • Debbie

    :-) I think I would leave the age and weight question. My children have done these in the past and their answers are quite funny. With one of them I only weighed 6 pounds. Typically, moms have a sense of humor.

  • Kristen

    Just like Brandi and Debbie, I agree that you have to leave the age and weight. You should add height, too. It sure is fun to be 14 inches tall, 68 lbs and 21!

  • Jill

    Thanks for sharing, this is very fun! I like the age and weight!

  • CH

    Thanks for a fun mothers day activity!!

  • Jenina Lambert

    I love this questoinair and would like to use it. However, I wanted to take off the question about weight. Unfortunately, the document won't let me edit it. Is there any way you could repost it in a way that would allow for that if it's not too much trouble? Thanks so much for making this. What a great idea.

  • Rebecca

    What a cute idea!

    I agree with Susan, though, so I made my own version. I'd be happy to share it if I knew how. :D

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