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I received an e-mail with the following question, "I am new to YW and I am looking for ideas to honor, congratulate, say goodbye to our graduating seniors. I am curious if your users/members have posted anything in the past for honoring high school senior girls and boys.  Have they recognized them during opening exercises, during the mid-week activity,  ward newletter, or other?   What has been done and what has worked well?  I welcome any ideas."

If you have any ideas or thoughts you'd like to share, please post a comment below or e-mail them to me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

* We live in Oklahoma and our young women make a Sr. blanket  for our sr. girls. All the young women work on it except the sr. girls receiving them. So it is made with love and usually out of fleece of a color they like. Something they can take to college with them and use. They boys receive a wooden clock. It is cut out of wood in the shape of OKLAHOMA and stained and their favorite scripture is put on it along with their name.  (Idea shared by Angie Wade, Guthrie Ward / Stillwater Stake / ga05022011)

* In our ward we do a Senior Recognition night, as a combined activity for all the youth.  We also invite ward members, and other family and friends.  We put together a DVD featuring 30-40 photos of each senior from birth till now, set to appropriate music.  We show the DVD, each senior bears their testimony, and Bishop gives closing remarks.  Afterwards, the gym is set up by the seniors/parents with tables of items/photos that are all about them, and their parents bring their favorite dessert to use for refreshments.  This is always a highlight of our year.  (Idea shared by Gaylene / ga05172011)

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  • Donna Evans

    Our ward is having a senior night next Wednesday night for our graduates. They will each get to speak, and the parents will also. There will be a display of pictures for each senior showcasing them. This is being done as a youth activity.

  • Kathy

    :-) For the last few years we have been making a log cabin quilt for our graduating YW. The back ground of the log cabin quilt is symbolic of life, heart or chimney in the middle (square)lighter (logs) on one side darker on the other, symbolic of happy and sad things in life, sewn together with love. They are well received and the RS sisters get together to work on them..

  • Brook

    My mom makes porcelain figures and there are 2 or 3 Stakes around here that buy a porcelain Salt Lake Temple for each of the girls graduating. I think this is a neat idea to congratulate them and also encourage them to have a goal to go to the temple. My mom's e-mail is

  • Yvonne Higgins

    This might be too late, but we had a Senior Wall. One wall in our family room that was all about the senior, from birth to graduation. It stayed up until the end of the year. It had photos, awards, ribbons, "Letter" from high school a pom pom. It told the story of the senior and they loved it. The last child's was up much longer of course.

  • Maria J

    It is a tradition in our ward to have a Senior Dinner. The YM and YW put it on and serve a nice dinner (usually Prime Rib). The parents of the Senior pay tribute to them by reading a letter they have written. Some years there has been a slide show showing the seniors from baby to Teen. Each senior also has some table space to display high school mementos. The Seniors really look forward to it and so do the parents. We get to attend with our son this year and can hardly wait!

  • Kendalyn

    The Bishop takes all the seniors to do Baptisms for the dead

  • Debbie Farrow

    In our ward we have an annual Senior Roast for all the YW/YW in our ward. The parents help to put together 20 to 30 pics and we put them on a DVD. We have a themed program. One year we did "Our Top Bananas" and we had them all wear hats with bananas on the top, showed the dvd's and parents had a set time to roast each Senior. We then served banana splits. This year we are doing "Oh, the Places you will Go", and do similar roasts. It is always a fun way to give tribute to our seniors, and at the same time have a good laugh.

  • Jennie Cottrell

    For years we have had a combined activity called Honor Our Grads. The graduating seniors and their parents are served dinner beforehand, then the whole mutual meets for a slide show with 50 pictures per person, set to their favorite song. Following that, the kids tell us what their post high school plans are and their parents comment briefly about the kids. Everyone enjoys cake and ice cream and there are posters for each graduate for everyone to sign and wish them well. Usually we have 3-6 graduates, but last year we had 12, so it was a bit rushed.

  • Aimee

    The last 5 years our ward has had all the graduating seniors talk in sacrament meeting on mother's day. The spirit is all ways so strong as the ward has the chance to see these young people honor their mothers and honor the seniors at the same time. Everyone always has a tear in their eye as they watch these young people who they've taught in primary and youth organizations honor their mothers. The mothers all look forward to it

  • Amy

    Our Ward has a Grad Night, they combine the YW & YM, invite the parents and they present a slide show of the seniors and have some sort of activity for everyone to do. This year we are partitioning off our Seniors and dividing everyone into groups, the groups have to dress our seniors with clothes and props of where they think they'll be in 25 years. Then there is always some kind of refreshment. Good Luck deciding there are lots of Great ideas here!

  • Carrie

    What song did you put with the Photo slideshow? i need some song ideas. thanks

  • Barbara

    One year we had a member of our ward draw caricatures of each of the graduates. We put them on the table at a dinner hosted by the young women and men. Then they could take the picture home with them.

  • Laurel

    Aside from a Senior Night, the YW presidencies I've been in have usually given our graduating YW a piece of meaningful jewelry. From a silver chain necklace with one white pearl (representing their individuality and beauty) to a charm cluster with all the YW values (see: women-values-cluster). The YW love it and it's a piece of "home" they can take with them wherever their adventures take them.

  • Janice

    We invite all the yw into relief society and talk about just the seniors, who they are, and what their likes and plans are for the future get to know you things. Next we have a slide show for all of the girls then the relief society presidency presents them with a gift, and the young women presidency presents them with a gift. Then a representative from the institute comes to get them excited to go as well as the relief society president from the student ward in our area. Just to meet them and have a familiar face when they go. It's a good way for them to feel special.

  • Louise Harrington

    I am the counselor in RS responsible for transitioning our senior Laurels into RS. Beginning in March, I send around a signup sheet to all the organizations and also email. The sign up sheet lists the girls that are graduating and gives the dates of each week until graduating. I ask that sisters sign up for one girl sometime during the next two months. I then ask that the sisters who signed up, take a small treat, write a note, etc., sharing their feelings on how RS has enriched their lives.

  • Jana Sperry

    We do what is called the "Esther Awards". We base our night on the scripture shared in Esther 4:14 "who knoweth whether thou aret come to the kingdom for such a time as this". The YW pres talks about Esther's life and purpose and shares that scripture. Then the RS pres talks about RS and how the YW is now moving forward into a "new time" in her life. Then we give a Willow Tree figurine and watch a DVD prepared from 25-30 pictures from throughout their life. We have done this for about 4 years now and the girls look forward to it and love it. Their parents are invited and their dads escort them in. It's super special.

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