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Allie writes, "A few weeks prior to the activity, in lieu of the practice hymn time in Relief Society, we had everyone write down an experience they have had with how another sister who has been an "angel" in their life and "saved" them in some small way. Here is the sign up sheet we used - [pdf] [Word].  We received 35+ stories. Each one was so wonderful and accurately represented the goodness of each sister in our ward.

Our event flyer had an angel cut out of the middle by hand with the message, "What Would Your Life Look Like Without Them?"

We decorated the room with giant tissue paper flowers (how-to is here). Our centerpieces looked like the picture above.

Centerpiece breakdown:

* Vases - from Goodwill $1-1.50 each
* Mini boas - from Michaels $1-2 each 
* Star garland - from Michaels $1 each
* Tulle made into bow
* Tissue paper flowers on top
* Hanging from tissue paper flower: circle printable - says "What would your life look like without them?"  (Click here for file).

On each person's place setting we had a marble magnet for them to take home. (Click here for file). (Click here for instructions).

For our door prize, we had a Symphony bar covered in Angel wrapping paper. (Click here for file).

We listened to a song by Irene Brennick called "People Like You" - she'll send you the lyrics and the .mp3 if you email her from YouTube."

Comments (22)
  • Natalie

    So did you read the stories at the activity? was it a dinner? what were the details of what you did...looks so beautiful!

  • Calee
    So did you read the stories at the activity? was it a dinner? what were the details of what you did...looks so beautiful!

    Wow love the idea! But I too had the same question as Natalie. What did you do with the stories and how did your evening play out?

  • Rhonda

    Wow love the idea! But I too had the same question as Natalie. What did you do with the stories and how did your evening play out?[/quote]

  • Allie Jones

    Sorry, I forgot to explain that part! We read the stories aloud during the activity.
    The activity went in this order:
    Opening exercises
    Read stories
    Watched video called "Something Extraordinary" (it's on YouTube)
    Listened to song
    Closing Prayer

    It was awesome!

  • Tara Bennett


    Thank you for the inspiration! We're using this for our RS party this year. I'm wondering if you have a file of the angel silhouette without the wording over it? I love the silhouette, but we're going with a slightly different theme that I'd like to put over the silhouette. Let me know!

    Thanks again!

  • Annette

    Can you send me the angel silhouette too?


  • Rain

    :-) What a sweet idea! For our upcoming Relief Society Birthday Party in 2012, this can be a wonderful evening for our sisters. An idea would be to put up angles on the walls. I'll brainstorm with committee. Thank your for sharing!

  • Debra Helms

    What did you do for your invitations?

  • Carrie Boltz

    I love this idea! Where can I get the angel silhouette without the words?

  • Debra Helms

    what kind of invitation did you do for this activity?

  • Charlotte Moore

    We are using this theme tomorrow night for our birthday dinner. We will serve salad with Mandarin oranges and strawberries. chicken lasagne, garlic bread, strawberry angelfood cupcakes. Centerpieces are the smae vases pictured from thrift stores set upon a gold table topper over an ivory tablecloth. Vases set on quilt batting cut to shape of a cloud and pulled up to give dimension and battery fairy lights beneath for a glow. A taplight is set upside down in the mouth of the vase and a white silk flower arrangement in a foam block sets on top of the taplight. The taplights are at Wal-Mart, 4 for $4 including batteries. Flowers from the dollar store. Vase is wrapped in a sleeve of translucent white fabric with a white tulle bow as pictured in the article. favors at each place is an angel keychain from a wedding favor website. Stake RS Pres. is giving a 10 minute talk on the theme, reading of the tributes and a trio will perfom, Will You Be An Angel.

  • Susan Hammer  - People Like You

    What a beautiful song. I would really appreciate the lyrics and the mp3 if at all possible. Thank you. SH

  • Jill Thompson  - re:

    Could you email me the file of the Angel silhouette? Thanks for your inspiration.

  • Cheryl Carter  - People Like You

    I would appreciate a copy of the lyrics and the mp3 if possible. The song is great!

  • Ana Cardon  - This is so spiritual I love it

    Can you send me the music and lyrics will do it for our RS B-day party for 2014, thanks for sharing your talent.

  • Lynda Bassett

    I would like this song sung at my Relief Society leadership meeting in a few weeks. Sorry about the short notice, but how do I get a copy of the music to have it performed? Thanks for sharing this site. It is wonderful. Be happy to pay for it and your time.

  • Julie Jackson  - people like you

    I love this could you send me the lyrics and mp3 please?

  • Faye  - People Like You

    I love this song. Would you please send copy of lyrics and MP3. Thanks

  • kristi Rigtrup

    would love the silhouette of the angel, and the music and lyrics If they are available. Thanks for sharing!

  • Annette

    Hi can we get the angel graphic in the circle with no writing on it as we will use them as name tags and put our own writing on them.


  • Stacy Wilson  - Silhouette and Invites

    What invitations did you use? And I would love the angel silhouette as well. Thanks for sharing!

  • Erin  - Angel graphic

    Could you please send me the angel graphic with no writing on it. Thanks so much.


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