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Allie writes, "A few weeks prior to the activity, in lieu of the practice hymn time in Relief Society, we had everyone write down an experience they have had with how another sister who has been an "angel" in their life and "saved" them in some small way. Here is the sign up sheet we used - [pdf] [Word].  We received 35+ stories. Each one was so wonderful and accurately represented the goodness of each sister in our ward.

Our event flyer had an angel cut out of the middle by hand with the message, "What Would Your Life Look Like Without Them?"

We decorated the room with giant tissue paper flowers (how-to is here). Our centerpieces looked like the picture above.

Centerpiece breakdown:

* Vases - from Goodwill $1-1.50 each
* Mini boas - from Michaels $1-2 each 
* Star garland - from Michaels $1 each
* Tulle made into bow
* Tissue paper flowers on top
* Hanging from tissue paper flower: circle printable - says "What would your life look like without them?"  (Click here for file).

On each person's place setting we had a marble magnet for them to take home. (Click here for file). (Click here for instructions).

For our door prize, we had a Symphony bar covered in Angel wrapping paper. (Click here for file).

We listened to a song by Irene Brennick called "People Like You" - she'll send you the lyrics and the .mp3 if you email her from YouTube."

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