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Mindy writes, "You will need a pair of handcuffs (you can get plastic ones at the Dollar store) and scriptures.

Step 1 - handcuff one of the girls to something solid. (i.e. - a chair, or the door)

Step 2 - Say, "You may try any method you can think of to get yourself out of the bondage you are in. As you are thinking of ways to get out of this, listen to our discussion as we read some suggestions from the scriptures. They may give you some clues on how to get free."

Step 3 - Read Mosiah 21:5-15. (It's about the many attempts of the Nephites to get out of bondage). If at any time during the scripture insight, the girl asks you for the keys, give it to her. Throw it to her so she has to unlock the handcuffs herself.

Mosiah 21:13-14 shows how they finally humble themselves and ask the Lord for help. Mosiah 21: 15 and Mosiah 21:22 show how the Lord blessed them by helping them find a way, but they had to work it out themselves.

Step 4 - Ask, "From our demonstration, what are the steps in the cycle of captivity to freedom?" (turning to the Lord and being willing to work for our freedom. What are the steps to take toward being self reliant?

You can also add that in addition to being reliant on the Lord that we have been given parents and teachers that we can ask for help in times of need. They are there to show us the correct path and way to go because we all need help sometimes. As a baby we are reliant in many ways on our parents, but as we get older and show that we can make correct choices we gain more freedom and self reliance. We also become older and wiser and more self-reliant, we learn how to avoid mistakes and pitfalls.

Another interesting thing is to point out that when we are given choices and make correct ones we gain more freedom or self relience.  However when we make incorrect decisions we lose our self relience.  This can be demonstrated by someone who breaks the law. They made an Incorrect choice and their consequence could be physical captivity.  They lose their own self-relience. For a teenage girl it might be breaking curfew. They then lose the ability to decide when they come home at night because now mom and dad have made curfew earlier or grounded her. They have taken away her ability to self-govern
Herself because she has shown her inability to do it correctly. This can then be tied back into the object lesson because the girl had to ask for help (for the key), then take the initiative to get herself out of bondage (work toward becoming more self reliant).

I taught this lesson last week and it went very well. In addition I would do the quiz that is in the manual. My girls all freely discussed where they felt like they stood in these different situations and it was interesting to note some of the strengths and weaknesses of each girl."

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