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Barbara writes, "We were noticing some shorter skirts in our Young Women so we did an activity to address the issue. We made simple skirt extenders (slips with extra lace/ruffles or tule along the bottom to wear under too short of dresses or skirts). It turned out to be a hit with the moms and daughters alike. They look darling!! We have plenty of girls who now wear them even when they don't "need" them just cause they're so cute and add an extra layer of color or fabric to their outfit. Once they got the inspiration, some of the YW have even been making them at home in more colors and fabric options. Here's how we did it: We purchased inexpensive slips from Ross/Target/TJ Max (about $4 ea) and then purchased lace,ruffles, etc in different colors (it takes about 1-1/2 yds per slip). We had lots of sewing machines and sisters to help us sew in YW that night. The easiest way we found is to simply stretch the slip while sewing the fabric on. The final product looks like the lace is ruffled along the bottom without having to do any gathering. (It was also nice to give the YW a chance to sew - it's just a simple straight line.) Our stake leaders saw the skirt extenders recently and loved them too. They're planning on making some to have on hand at the upcoming dances. Hope this idea can help someone else who is struggling with this issue. It sure helped our YW. : )

I don't have a picture of one of our skirt extenders that we made but we were inspired by this website.  Theirs are much fancier than our mutual night ones but you'll get an idea at least of what we did and what can be done. We just did basic ones at mutual. After the activity though, some of our YW and even our leaders did even better ones on their own at home using lots of different colors and fabrics."

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