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Beth writes, "To illustrate the 5 Responsibilities of a Visiting Teacher, as outlined by the General Relief Society Presidency, I used a poster board to make a large paper doll of a Relief Society Sister.  Her body was a stick figure frame with detailed face, hair, hands and feet.  I made 5 items of clothing; a dress, hat, stockings with shoes, handbag, and scriptures, each labeled with a responsibility of a visiting teacher.  We discussed each responsibility as we "dressed" our sister, during our visiting teaching conference.  When we were finished, the "Sister" became a part of our Visiting Teaching Bulletin Board, with the title, "Dressing Ourselves in the Responsibilities of a Visiting Teacher."

What are a visiting teacher’s responsibilities?

  Come to know and love your sisters.
  Minister through regular contacts.
  Learn of needs and offer appropriate assistance.
  Look for specific ways to help.
  Share and testify of gospel doctrines.

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  • Rangi Williams

    Awesome, I might use this for our shared Visiting Teaching continental breakfast. Will let you know how it goes.

  • Sophie

    Looks great but I think they said at the Worldwide Leadership Training that we don't hold VT Conventions any more. Could still use it in Relief Society of course.

  • karen

    I like this

  • sueblue

    This is a great idea! The new handbook of instruction says members of the RS presidency are to give insruction to visiting teachers either in a 1st Sunday lesson or in another RS meeting.

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