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Melissa writes, "I am glad they have the new Den Meeting Resource Guide book. There is set themes based on the Core Values. It made it easy to make a set calendar. We have a small group of boys so we have had to combine the Wolves and Bears. Having a set schedule makes the program work in an LDS group where boys are coming in on their birthdays instead of all in September. No matter when the cub joins the group with this schedule he should earn his Wolf or Bear by the time he leaves. I didn’t follow the Den Meeting Resource Guide book - Den Meeting plans but it will still help as you do your meetings. Some achievements that I put together you may wonder why but it’s based on the Character Connection.  I hope this helps you. Primary Leaders don’t be afraid to give this to your den leaders we love the extra help."

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  • Kathleen

    Thank you so much, Melissa. Combining the Wolf and Bear schedules has just become a necessity for us as we suddenly grew from 2 to 7 boys. These calendars will be a tremendous help!

  • Heleena

    :D Thank you so much for sharing this. We have only two wolfs and one bear, so we have decided to combine the two groups. This is very helpful and saves a lot of time, trying to combine them myself. Thanks

  • Tabitha Rae Garner

    :lol: I just got put in as Bear leader with my hubby (so, yeah, basically just me for the most part!) on top of being YW Camp Director and our Wolf leaders have been in for years and know everything and I know NOTHING so I never feel like I can contribute. They don't even get together to plan (I think so, anyway)- they just take turns and tell us to come along (We only have ONE boy until Sept so, naturally, we combine as often as possible). I know they are trying to make my busy life easier but I accepted this calling and I want to be able to magnify it. I feel like this will empower me to contribute a bit more. The book is absolute Greek to me, so, what i am trying to say is...THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

  • Ann

    I agree with Tabitha!

    Thank you Melissa!

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