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alt Sheet music to "I am a Stripling Warrior" by Lee Slichter 

alt Mp3 file of this song

alt I have the actions that someone else posted, which I used for Mother's Day last year.    I prefer the actions over a flipchart and my Junior Primary does too.  I also took a graphic of one stipling warrior and duplicated it 2000 times so that I had a visual of how many stripling warriors that was when we told the story.  I think I did 100 warriors per page x 20 pages.  (Lana in North Idaho)

Here are all the motions:

Two: hold up 2 fingers
Stripling Warrior: shooting a bow and arrow
strong: flex both biceps like a body builder
brave: put left arm down in new body builder pose
true: Boy Scout sign with 3 fingers up
faith: tap one fist on top of other fist--like wise man built his house on a rock or the ASL sign
not: shake my head "no"
waiver: ASL sign/foolish man's sand
mothers: ASL sign with the thumb on chin
knew: point to head
young: ASL tap tummy then chest with both pointers and middle fingers
trusted: same as faith
stood: hands on hips, standing proud
right: right hand reaches right (I use my left--they mirror me)
mother: ASL
story: pretend book in hand (like BoM stories)
trust: same as faith
might: same as strong

stripling warrior: bow and arrow
shield: hold pretend shield (w/my right hand/their left)
mother: ASL
guide: ASL--one hand grasps fingers of other and pulls to diagonally across the body
armed me with sword: hold up pretend sword (w/my left/their right)
hope in God above: sweep right hand upward toward heaven
follow her example: ASL--two pointers up, one following the other as if up a hill
trust: same as faith
the Father's: sweep right hand up toward heaven

prays: fold arms in prayer
faith: same as above
pure: ASL? open hands are horizontal, palms down, start one over the other and move outward as if saying "calm, smooth, unrippled"
know: point to head
cannot doubt: shake head "no" and make the foolish man's sand
mother: ASL
sure: nod head "yes" with certainty
stirring: stir pretend s*** in pretend bowl
heart: hand on heart
learned: point to head
truth: same as faith
stripling warrior: bow and arrow
faith: like above
youth: ASL tap tummy then chest with pointer and middle fingers


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