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Jen writes, "Just sharing these darling photo-tutorials my Aunt put together for a darling Christmas craft.  My aunt said that she has no problem with people making as many as they wish for gifts."


1.  Paint the little head flesh color.  Add eyes and cheeks.

2. To make the cradle, copy this image into Word and cut it out.  Trace pattern onto wood and it out.

3.  Paint or stain the cradle brown.  If you want the aged look, splatter a darker brown paint on with a toothbrush. 

4.  Hot glue the excelsior on top of cradle.

5.  Fold the white square of felt as shown in photo.  We put a small amount of batting inside so it wouldn't look flat. 

6.  Hot glue the felt and head in place. 

7.  Drill a small hole just behind baby's head for the wire.

8.  Bend a piece of wire (about 5 or 6 inches long) and glue into the drilled hole.

9.  Attach a star (either a wooden one or a small ornament star).

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