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by Colette Bomsta of "My Computer is my Canvas" / ga11152010

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Colette writes, "This is a fun printable I'll be using to give as gifts to my Visiting Teaching sisters and my husband's Home Teaching families this year.  Of course, any M&M treat would work with the legend tag, but my favorite is "Peppermint Pretzel Melts".  They are quick, easy and everyone loves them.  Plus, it's so simple that the kids can help! 

Start by lining a cookie sheet with wax paper, then fill the sheet completely with square pretzels. Top each pretzel with a peppermint Hershey Kiss (already available at Target and Walmart this year). Heat your oven to about 170 degrees and WATCHING CLOSELY warm them for 5 to 6 minutes. You want to soften the Kiss, not melt it (or it turns into a big mess)! When it's soft (but is still holding it's "kiss" form), you can drop and slightly press an M&M on top. Chill for 5 to 10 minutes to set, wrap in a cello bag with ribbon, attach the M&M Nativity Story and you're done! 

As a side note, I made up a bunch of these last year and also gave them to neighbors and my husband's co-workers.  We lived in an area that was not predominantly LDS... so it was an easy way to share the nativity and spirit of Christmas with our non-LDS friends and acquaintances."

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Comments (5)
  • Audra Curtis

    I use Dove chocolates with caramel inside and a pecan half on top. Though, the peppermint is intreguing....

  • Kalli Collins

    Thanks so much for this, I have never seen it before. It is perfect, I love it!

  • Anne

    Colette, What a great idea! I love these & used it at Christmas for neighbor gifts, they were a hit, Thank you so much. I changed your poem a little I hope you don't mind, see what I did below:
    As you hold these candies in your hand, and turn them, you will see...
    The “M” becomes a “W”, an “E” and then a ”3".
    They tell the Christmas Story, it’s one I’m sure you know.
    It took place in a stable, a long, long time ago.
    The “E” is for the East, where the star shone O so bright.
    The ”M” is for the Manger - where baby Jesus slept that night.
    The “3" is for the wise men bearing gifts, they humbly came.
    The “W” is for worship, angels sang praises to His name.
    So as you eat these candies or share them with a friend,
    Remember the true Spirit of Christmas and never let it end!
    You can use the changes if you want, but they are not important.

  • Debbie

    So what happens if you don't line it with was paper. I just made them on a stone and didn't see this recipe before I made them and now I can't get them off. :-(

  • Michelle  - Thanks!

    I have been looking for a great handout to take around to my visiting teaching families and my husband's home teaching families. Your idea is just what we were looking for. Thank you so much!!

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