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Katie writes, "I created a Jeopardy game for our Young Women in Excellence night to help teach the young women and their parents about the Personal Progress program. I wrote up questions for 6 different categories (questions are in the file). I made up most of my questions from just reading through the Personal Progress book. I also made a poster board with the 6 different categories and the different amounts that each question was worth (200, 400, 600, 800, 1000). I thought this might be useful for someone."

Comments (2)
  • Bethany

    Thank you so much! I am in charge of creating a trivia game for our New Beginnings and this has helped me a lot! :lol:

  • Melveen Naea

    I was recently called into the YW Program in my ward. The girls have no desire for personal progress so I'm trying to introduce it tonight at mutual to get them excited for it. I'm excited to find your!!! Thanks so much! Using it tonight at mutual

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