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by Angela Williams of "A Bushel and a Peck" / ga10072010

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Angela writes, "For Activity Days this week, the girls were secret service agents. I gave the girls a Secret Service envelope with their mission. I got this cute idea from here.

I included sunglasses from the Dollar Store, Pop Secret Popcorn, a pen, seven Secret Service badges and the sheets of paper with their mission and service ideas.

I also added some secret service badges that the girls could leave behind each time they did their secret service. Then we had a service relay race. I split the girls into teams and had them complete the following service tasks.

1) find someone in the building and give them a compliment
2) clean the bathroom mirror with windex
3) fill out a tithing slip
4) leave a love note on someone's car window (I made hearts for them to write the message on)
5) fold clothes
6) set a place setting from items in the church kitchen.

They girls loved the relay race and they got treats since they are all winners."   :-)


 Secret Service Agents
 Service Activity shared by Wendy Franklin / ga08122007
 Service Checks by Cassie vonWeller - Printable checks that could be used with any service activity.

Comments (4)
  • Allars

    We did this in Primary when I was a child. It's a fun idea that has been around for a long time! It's neat to see it resurfacing for this generation of kids. I love the printables!

  • Colette

    Awesome idea... sounds like lots of fun!

  • Diane Oliver

    We did this on our last activity day. All the girls got ID cards with different names and we put thier finger prints on them. Then putting on a disguise they had to go and find a clue somewhere in the meeting house. Kind of like a treausre hunt the last clue to be found was a basket of fruit which said by "their fruits ye shall know them" with a message of what their next assignment was to be, which was to clean the Primary room and make it a place of peace and reverance. I even got my husband to dress up and make a video message to the girls which explained thier important mission. We played the mission impossible music in the background and the other Activity Leader pretended to be a super spy and stop them from finding their clues with a small water pistol.. The girls loved it. The girls came up with some wonderful ideas for our Sunday Primary room and are very enthused to give it a make over. They came up with ideas of how to improve reverence and make things run more sm...

  • Jenn

    Do you have a PDF of the Top Secret sticker you put on the outside of the envelope? Love this idea. Doing it for our quarterly activity!

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