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by Erin Bylund of Chicken Babies / ga08122010

Erin writes, "I lead the music for the children at church, and this year I did a back to school music time. I started by asking the children to raise their hands if they were starting school soon, and if they wanted to play pretend with me. I told them I was going to pretend to be the teacher and they could be my students. I pulled out my teacher glasses, pointer, and bell. I told them that whenever I rang my bell, they were supposed to sit up straight and fold their arms. We practiced that several times, and I asked them to really slouch before I rang the bell, and they thought that was fun. Next I pulled out a backpack that I had filled with school supplies. I invited up a child to pull something out of the bag, and then we would sing a song with an activity that went along with the school supply. Here's what I had:

erasers - We "erased" a word in the song. We sang "Follow the prophet" and were silent whenever we were suppose to sing "prophet"

glue sticks - We glued first our legs together, and then our arms to our sides, so that we had to hold really still while we sang "Come follow me"

crayons - The children only sang when I held up the color they were wearing. I put three different colors on each card and held up the cards as we sang "He sent His Son"

ruler - We measured how well the children sang. They were given a grade for their reverence while singing, how beautifully they sang, and how well they said the words while we sang "Beautiful Savior"

calculator - We counted how many times we said the word "faith" while singing the song "Faith"magnifying glass - They watched me closely and copied me perfectly while we sang "I belong to the church of Jesus Christ", so if I put my hand on my head or lifted my leg, they followed along

pencil - We "wrote" our own songs, singing "Fun to do", or "If you're happy and you know it"

scissors - Everyone stood up and asked everyone to hold really still.  I then "cut out" anyone who was too wiggly while singing "The Holy Ghost". I tapped them on the head if I saw them move and they would sit down

sharpener - we "sharpened" our song by clearly enunciating each word for "I know my Savior loves me"

Between each song the children slouched in their chairs and I rang the bell and called up another child to pick an item. The children had a lot of fun with it the first week, and we only got through three items, so I can still use it for 1 or 2 more weeks.

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