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by Erin Bylund of Chicken Babies / ga08122010

Erin writes, "I lead the music for the children at church, and this year I did a back to school music time. I started by asking the children to raise their hands if they were starting school soon, and if they wanted to play pretend with me. I told them I was going to pretend to be the teacher and they could be my students. I pulled out my teacher glasses, pointer, and bell. I told them that whenever I rang my bell, they were supposed to sit up straight and fold their arms. We practiced that several times, and I asked them to really slouch before I rang the bell, and they thought that was fun. Next I pulled out a backpack that I had filled with school supplies. I invited up a child to pull something out of the bag, and then we would sing a song with an activity that went along with the school supply. Here's what I had:

erasers - We "erased" a word in the song. We sang "Follow the prophet" and were silent whenever we were suppose to sing "prophet"

glue sticks - We glued first our legs together, and then our arms to our sides, so that we had to hold really still while we sang "Come follow me"

crayons - The children only sang when I held up the color they were wearing. I put three different colors on each card and held up the cards as we sang "He sent His Son"

ruler - We measured how well the children sang. They were given a grade for their reverence while singing, how beautifully they sang, and how well they said the words while we sang "Beautiful Savior"

calculator - We counted how many times we said the word "faith" while singing the song "Faith"magnifying glass - They watched me closely and copied me perfectly while we sang "I belong to the church of Jesus Christ", so if I put my hand on my head or lifted my leg, they followed along

pencil - We "wrote" our own songs, singing "Fun to do", or "If you're happy and you know it"

scissors - Everyone stood up and asked everyone to hold really still.  I then "cut out" anyone who was too wiggly while singing "The Holy Ghost". I tapped them on the head if I saw them move and they would sit down

sharpener - we "sharpened" our song by clearly enunciating each word for "I know my Savior loves me"

Between each song the children slouched in their chairs and I rang the bell and called up another child to pick an item. The children had a lot of fun with it the first week, and we only got through three items, so I can still use it for 1 or 2 more weeks.

Comments (11)
  • M. Barnabi

    Thank you for the idea, I needed something to get their attention, but also REALLY needed to go through all of the songs again.

  • andrea Weaver

    Fabulous! Just what I needed for a quick singing time that will be lots of fun!

  • Eve Erwin

    I was planning on doing a back to school something and this is just what I need!

  • Marcyne Brown

    Another great idea!!! I love new ideas, especially when they go with a holiday or event. This is such a busy've just saved me a lot of time. Thanks!!!

  • Dana Westcott

    Thank you so much for the great ideas. I am going to try them out this Sunday. I am really needing something to grab the children's attention. :-)

  • Libby

    Wow, this is perfect! Next week we are having Singing Time the whole time because there's no lesson planned (5th Sunday) and I was really struggling for something that would keep their attention for the whole 45 minutes - this is absolutely perfect! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  • Ann Bailey

    AWESOME! I'm subbing for our primary chorister today and needed a quick plan to review the Primary songs. This was an answer to prayer.

  • Carol B Hansen

    I used this idea this week...we had singing time the whole time! It was so well planned and went perfectly. Our Jr. Primary loved it. Thank you for your hard work in preparing this idea...lots of love went into this for me to borrow and use. Thank you!!!

  • Mikaela

    Hey Erin! Thanks for the idea! It was way fun to read a post from an old friend!

  • Melissa

    I used a variation on this for last week's JR Primary and am doing it THIS way for both JR and SR tomorrow, thanks so much for sharing this unique idea!

  • Janna S.

    Thank you so much!!!

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