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by Colette Bomsta of "My Computer is my Canvas" / ga08102010

CLICK HERE to open Consversation Coasters - set of 8
CLICK HERE to open Coordinating Coasters - set of 6

Colette writes, "I've been wanting to make some fun coasters for a while to brighten my tablescape, but wanted to do more than just use paper.  I wanted to step it up a notch and make them into something more than just what you put your glass on.  Then it hit me... and I decided to add questions to them to help spark fun, meaningful conversations about how each of our days went!  And there you have it... "Conversation Coasters"! 

I'm excited about how they turned out and can't wait to set my table with them this week!  I think it'll be fun to hear the kids' (and my hubby's responses) and will be a great way to make our dinner time be quality time too.  And, because most of the questions are specific about what happend "today"... each night the responses will be different.  Plus, as your little helpers help you set the table, they'll have fun deciding who gets which question!
I also think they'll make a cute, easy gift for a friend, an easy YW or Activity Day project.... or can be an easy "drop off" gift for Visiting Teaching.  I got my tiles for about a quarter each at Lowe's... so they are inexpensive to make as well.  I posted the tutorial with pictures here."

WAIT!  THERE'S MORE! - Colette has created a Thanksgiving/Fall set of Conversation Coasters.  If you'd like to purchase them, click here to go to her blog.  Colette writes, "The file itself comes with 12 unique Thanksgiving "conversation starter" questions + 2 blank coordinating ones.  You simply print the file, trim the images and Mod Podge to 4x4 ceramic tiles.  Plus, I picked up a new batch of tiles this week at Lowe's for only $0.16 each, so it's an inexpensive way to dress up your table!  I used a traditional fall color scheme, so I'm hopeful it'll inspire beautiful tablescapes and even better conversation!" 

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