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by Shauna from "My Mix of Six" / ga08072010

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Shauna writes, "One of our traditions is this FHE.  We have been doing it for quite a few years now.  HERE is where I talked about it last year.  There is a huge social aspect involved in school.  This lesson helps open eyes to others.  I took the "Civility" lesson from the Stand for Something FHE lessons and turned it into more of a Back to School lesson.

You take a few balloons and assign people to each of them.  Inside each balloon is a note of what the person is REALLY like and then outside is a note that gives a few general characteristics.  You have to "Pop" the balloon to really get to know the person.  For example the outside note for Juan says, "Juan speaks fluent Spanish and is learning English.  He is a very quiet boy and other kids don't ask him to play.  Juan struggles with his schoolwork.  It doesn't come easy for him."  Then the note inside the balloon says, "Juan is a child of God and loved very much by Him.  Juan is extremely athletic and good at soccer.  He LOVES to play games.  Juan is very kind and considerate of others feelings.  If given a chance Juan could share interesting stories and games from Mexico."  We then discuss whether we would like to get to know Juan and all the things we could learn from him.

I think it would be fun sometime to let the children design THEIR own balloons of what they display on the outside and how they view themselves on the inside.

Anyway, we have to "pop" through the exterior of a person in get to know the inside.  To do this you have to ask questions and then LISTEN to what they have to say.  

I challenged them to meet new people and find out about them.  The first two days of school we give the children a quarter for each name that they bring home.  They have to tell us one character trait or interesting fact about the person as well.  It's fun to sit at dinner listening to all the names.  I just think that it is important for them to talk and socialize with others instead of JUST their friends."

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