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Carole writes, "Here is our 2010 Primary sacrament meeting program script.  We have 58 children in our Primary, and we wanted all of them to have parts in the program, if they were able and willing.  Four children are singing solos, instead of a speaking part, and we have one family doing a song together.  The program is divided into 12 segments, representing each monthly theme, and we have two narrators, an older boy and girl, who introduce each segment.  There is a song to go with each segment.  We wanted to have a lot of music in the program.  I Hope this helps someone.  It took me and my counselor a lot of time to write it!"

Comments (8)
  • Misty Duerksen

    This is an awesome program. Thank you for sharing. I have a smaller primary but may try and use it, it has given me ideas. Thanks again.

  • Brittanie Smith

    Thanks for sharing! This is a great program! I have a huge primary, so every little insight helps!

  • Linda Cannon

    Thank you for some great ideas. We do not have a huge Primary so it is easier for each member to have a chance to speak. You and your counselor did a great job writing this and bless you for your willingness to share your ideas.

  • laura southwick

    Thank you! This gave me a great jumping-off point for writing our own program. Perfect!

  • Carole

    Thanks for your feedback. I'm glad this helped some of you. I know we are all entitled to inspiration about what will work best for our own Primaries, but still it's helpful to share ideas and then adapt them to fit our own unique circumstances. Good luck with your programs! Isn't it great to hear our children bear their testimonies and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

  • Stacee Porter

    Hi Carole!
    What a great surprise to see your name on this site! I have really missed St. George... But am currently the President of our huge Primary in Gilbert.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea!
    (I still have the lesson on Lehi's dream that you copied for me so many years ago.)
    Miss you!

  • Nicole

    Thank you, thank you, thank you... This was perfect. All I had to do was change songs to the ones we were using, add more of the Articles of Faith and it was done.(As a Primary we are memorizing all the articles this year!) Great job and thanks for all your hard work!

  • Myra Mosdell

    Thanks we used your outline it worked out great. What a suprise when I realized it was written by you, my cousin? Thanks again!

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