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ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING (dramatizing a scripture story): Tell the children that Jesus often taught with parables, using familiar objects and situations to teach spiritual truths.  Briefly tell the story of the ten virgins (see Matthew 25:1-13; see also "The Parable of the Ten Virgins,"  Ensign, March 2009, 48-49).  Explain that this parable compares the Second Coming of Jesus Christ to a wedding.  Ask the children who play the parts of the wise virgins how it feels to know they were prepared, and discuss the importance of preparing for the Savior to come again. 

ENCOURAGE APPLICATION (discussing and drawing pictures): Draw a lamp on the chalkboard.  Discuss how following Jesus Christ by doing good things each day is like putting oil in our lamps.  Have the children name some ways they can follow Jesus Christ, such as serving others, paying tithing, and praying.  Explain that these are things they need to do individually; other people cannot do these things for them.  Give each child a piece of paper cut into the shape of a large drop of oil.  Ask them (or their teachers) to write, "To prepare for the Second Coming, I will follow Jesus Christ by _______________" on their papers.  Ask the children to fill in the blank or draw a picture of something they can do to prepare for the Second Coming.  Encourage the children to take their papers home and share what they learned with their families.

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