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ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING AND APPLICATION (learning about the sacrament): Invite the bishop or branch president and a few Aaronic Priesthood holders to teach the children about the sacrament.  If possible, you could ask them to take the children into the chapel and teach them what the sacrament symbolizes and show them the sacrament table, the place where they kneel to offer the prayer, and the cloth used to cover the sacrament.  Invite another Aaronic Priesthood holder to explain what he does to pass the sacrament each week to the congregation and why this is a sacred privilege.  Ask the children what the priesthood bearers do that shows respect for God when they bless the sacrament (kneel to pray, cover the sacrament with with a white cloth, dress and act in a reverent manner).  Invite the children to share what they can do to show respect for Jesus Christ during the administration of the sacrament.

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