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IDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE (seeing a picture and playing a game): Show a picture of a child praying, and explain that the child is showing love and respect for God.  Tell the children that you are thinking of a nine-letter word that means love and respect for God.  Draw nine blanks on the board, one for each letter in the word reverence, and invite the children to guess letters.  As they guess correct letters, write them in the appropriate blanks.  You may want to have an older child help you.  For younger children, show the picture and ask they how they know the child is being reverent.  Have the children say together, "Reverence is love and respect for God."

ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING (reading a scripture and singing a song): Ask the children to open their scriptures and read John 14:15.  (If the children memorized this verse last year, you may want to ask them to recite it.)  Ask the children how we show our love for Jesus Christ.  Sing "Reverence is Love" (CS, 31).  Ask the children to put their hand on their heart each time they hear the word "reverence" or "reverent".

ENCOURAGE APPLICATION (discussing reverence): Divide the children into small groups, and have them discuss ways they can show reverence for Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ in one of the following situations: when they are at church, when they pray, and when they are at home or with friends.  Younger children could draw pictures of what they could do.  Have some of the children share their ideas with the whole group.  Encourage them to share their ideas with their families at home.

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