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IDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE (reading scriptures): Have the children look up 3 Nephi 14:7 and James 1:5.  Invite them to look for what the scriptures teach about prayer.  Read the scriptures out loud together, and let the children share what they learn.  Invite the children to say, "Heavenly Father hears and answers my prayers" with you.

ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING AND APPLICATION (listening to stories): Divide the children into groups, and have them take turns visiting the following stations (see TNGC, 179).  At each station, have a teacher explain one way Heavenly Father answers our prayers and allow the children to share how their prayers have been answered.  You may want to plan two of the stations for one week and the other two stations for the next week.

 Station 1: Sometimes prayers are answered by thoughts or ideas that can come to our minds and hearts (see D&C 8:2).  Share an experience when this happened in your life, or tell the story of Enos (see Enos 1:4-5, 10; see also Behold your little ones, 17).

 Station 2: Heavenly Father can use others to answer prayers.  Share an experience when someone else has answered your prayers, or tell the story of President Thomas S. Monson answering Ben and Emily Fullmer's prayer (see Conference Report, Oct. 2003, 63; or Ensign, November 2003, 58-59).

 Station 3: Answers to prayer can come from the words of Christ, which are found in the scriptures (see 2 Nephi 32:3).  Share an experience when you have had a prayer answered as you read your scriptures.

 Station 4: Answers to prayer can come from the teachings of the latter-day prophets (see D&C 1:38).  Show the children an issue of the Ensign or the Friend, and tell them that they can find the teachings of the prophets in the Church magazines.  Share an experience when you have had a prayer answered as you have listened to general conference or read the words of latter-day prophets.

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