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ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING (reading scriptures): Show a picture of Ammon and tell the children that he was a great missionary who taught the gospel to the Lamanites.  Explain that he prepared to serve as a missionary before he went on his mission.  Read (or ask an older child to read) Alma 17:2-3 out loud.  Ask the other children to listen and raise their hand when they hear ways Ammon prepared to be a missionary.  Ask a child to write their answers on the board.  Tell the children that they can do these same things as they prepare to be missionaries.  Sing, "I hope they call me on a mission" (CS, 169).  As they sing, invite the children to pantomime simple actions missionaries might do, such as knock on doors, read the scriptures or ride a bike. 

ENCOURAGE APPLICATION (preparing for missions): Tell the children that there are things they can do now to prepare to be missionaries, such as studying the scriptures aining a testimony, keeping the commandments, paying tithing, and saving money.  Give each child a tithing slip, and show them how to fill it out.  Help the children prepare a special place where they can put their tithing money and money they are saving for their missions.  It could be a box, a small jar or can, or an envelope with seperate spaces for tithing and savings.

TIP: Inviting a child to write on the board will make him or her feel valued.  It will also help hold the interest of the other children.  

IF YOU'D LIKE TO ADD YOUR IDEAS FOR THIS WEEK'S SHARING TIME, use the comment section below and add your thoughts.  If your comments are too long, have trouble posting your comments or you have files you'd like to share, please e-mail them to me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and I'll post them below:

- The Busy Coconut

- Missionary Suitcase (Sharing Time Idea) by Heather Fawcett (AKA - H11)

- Latter-Day Chatter

- Little Animal "Piggy" Banks

- My missionary savings bank by Carrie Lyn

- Sofia's Primary Ideas

Comments (7)
  • JEN

    Some great ideas for singing and sharing time in "I hope they call me on a mission" section.
    Also check out Week 2 of October 2010 for more ideas.

  • Erin McFadden

    I wrote to missionaries serving from our ward and asked that they send a letter/email to our primary. I asked them to tell how they think primary children could prepare to be a future missionary and how children can be missionaries in their lives now. I also asked them to let us know how each are doing on their missions. We will be reading these letters to the children. I plan to have pictures of the missionaries up while I read the letters.

  • Darcee

    I have two lessons on my blog that are under the theme "I Can prepare Now to be a Missionary" THEY ARE NOT MINE! One is from mormonmissionprep and the other from . They are wonderful, I have made some alterations, but the original resource is on my site- The first lesson can be found on: i-can-prepare-now-to-be-missionary.html The other lesson is on: missionary-preparation-st.html Hope that helps!!!

  • Tif

    I think I am going to dress one of the boys up in one of by husband's suits and with each item of clothing I will have a way to prepare for a mission. Then I am going to talk about how big the clothing is now, but as one works and prepares to serve a mission they will soon be able to fit into the suit and be prepared

  • Sis. Nelson

    I am teaching this lesson tomorrow and going to do the suitcase theme that was posted by someone else. The kids will pass a ball around while singing "I hope they call me on a mission". When the music stops, someone will get a chance to come up front and add an item to the suitcase.

    I also made these fun little "piggy" banks for each child as a handout using the ZooPals cups with lids. I think they turned out cute! 50 little banks for $8. animal-piggy-banks.html

  • Leah P

    I'm going to do the suitcase lesson (THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!) tomorrow and I thought it would be fun to include a very brief activity/question after presenting many of the missionary prep objects. For example: present the alarm clock and then say let's practice waking up when the alarm goes off, everyone close your eyes, turn off light...make noise of alarm...wake up! When presenting exercise, have everyone get up and do 10 jumping jacks. Bring some mixed colored laundry and after presenting the laundry idea, have a kid come up and show everyone the idea of separating darks and lights. They can memorize a short short scripture. They can talk about what they know how to cook already. Talk about how to save money for a mission, what they could do to earn money for it etc...

  • Tara Clark

    I am going to cut out paper ties for each child, and have them draw pictures of things they can do to scriptures, clean up, say prayers, etc. and then they can each take it home with them

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