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ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING (reading scriptures): Show a picture of Ammon and tell the children that he was a great missionary who taught the gospel to the Lamanites.  Explain that he prepared to serve as a missionary before he went on his mission.  Read (or ask an older child to read) Alma 17:2-3 out loud.  Ask the other children to listen and raise their hand when they hear ways Ammon prepared to be a missionary.  Ask a child to write their answers on the board.  Tell the children that they can do these same things as they prepare to be missionaries.  Sing, "I hope they call me on a mission" (CS, 169).  As they sing, invite the children to pantomime simple actions missionaries might do, such as knock on doors, read the scriptures or ride a bike. 

ENCOURAGE APPLICATION (preparing for missions): Tell the children that there are things they can do now to prepare to be missionaries, such as studying the scriptures aining a testimony, keeping the commandments, paying tithing, and saving money.  Give each child a tithing slip, and show them how to fill it out.  Help the children prepare a special place where they can put their tithing money and money they are saving for their missions.  It could be a box, a small jar or can, or an envelope with seperate spaces for tithing and savings.

TIP: Inviting a child to write on the board will make him or her feel valued.  It will also help hold the interest of the other children.  

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