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IDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE (seeing an object lesson): Show the children something that is powered by electricty.  Then show that it cannot work without the proper power.  Have a child hold up a picture of Christ ordaining His Apostles.   Explain that Christ's Church cannot work without the power of the priesthood.  Have the child hide the picture behind his or her back.  Explain that after Christ's Apostles died, the priesthood authority was lost.  Have another child show a picture of the restoration of the priesthood.  Testify that God restored the priesthood through Joseph Smith.

ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING (singing and playing a matching game): Ask someone to read Doctrine and Covenants 107:1, and have the children listen for the names of the two priesthoods.  Place on the board a picture of the restoration of the Aaronic Priesthood and a picture of the restoration of the Melchizedek Priesthood.  Write Aaronic or Melchizedek above the corresponding picture.  Discuss who restored, or brought back, each of these priesthoods to Joseph Smith (see Joseph Smith History 1:72). 

Show the children several pictures of priesthood ordinances, such as baptism, confirmation, passing the sacrament, blessing the sacrament, and healing the sick.  Invite the children to pass the pictures as they sing "The Priesthood is Restored" (CS, 89).  Stop the music randomly, and ask the children holding the pictures to stand by the words Aaronic or Melchizedek to show the power required to perform that ordinance.  Repeat as time allows.

ENCOURAGE APPLICATION (writing a thank-you note): Have the children think of how the priesthood has blessed them.  Invite them to make a thank-you card or picture to give to a priesthood holder they know (such as a bishop, teacher, father or missionary). 

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 Sofia's Primary Ideas

Beforehand, teach "A Young Man Prepared" (CS, pp. 166-167) to the older boys and have them sing it to introduce a Sharing Time on honoring the priesthood. Also beforehand, ask four or five members of the ward/branch to share their experiences and feelings about the priesthood (see "Stations" in Teaching, No Greater Call, revised edition, p. 179). A returned missionary might share one experience he had on his mission in using the priesthood to bless others; an older priesthood leader might share his feelings about holding and honoring the priesthood; a sister might tell how she honors the priesthood bearer in her home, or has been served by one holding the priesthood; a member of the bishopric/branch presidency might share his feelings about serving in that calling; a priest might tell about his feelings in serving at the sacrament table or in baptizing someone. Divide the children into groups and have them move from station to station. Have the pianist play "A Young Man Prepared" as they move. When all are gathered together again, ask what they have learned. Emphasize that receiving the priesthood means receiving a call to serve. Sing "Called to Serve" (CS, pp. 174-175). (Taken from the October 2000 Sharing Time Suggestion)

I am thankful for the priesthood and I am blessed by it

Priesthood Blessings

The Priesthood is Restored  |  Another Version

 My Sharing Time Ideas

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